Sermon Messages and Sabbath Fellowship Study (Audio Recordings)


Call 1-712-770-4709, (Note: This number ends in a “9”) When prompted, then enter Access Code 112165# Then enter the Reference Code below as follows. These messages remain available for approximately a month after delivery.

365# Sabbath Message 06.08.19 Scott Hoefker “The Miracles of Pentecost Carry Deep Significance”
367# Pentecost Message. 06.09.19 Stephen Glover
377# Sabbath Message 06.15.19 “Malachi 4:6 Turning the Hearts and Raising Boys” Scott Hoefker
378# Sabbath Fellowship Study 06.15.19 Taking Responsibility of our Calling, Whit Moorer
387# Sabbath Message 06.22.19 “Who Wants to Live Forever?” Stephen Glover
398# Sabbath Messages 06.30.19 “Cultivating Fruits for Deliverance” Logan Moorer, and “The Lesson of Didymus” Scott Hoefker.
399# Sabbath Fellowship Study 06.29.19 Whit & Friends
410# Sabbath Message 07.06.19 What Freedom Do We Have? Whit Moorer
411# Sabbath Fellowship 07.06.19 “3 Dimensions of God’s Blessings-What God does FOR us” Part 1 – Scott Hoefker & Friends
425# Sabbath Messages 07.13.19 Logan Moorer “The Truth and the Liar” and
Scott Hoefker “What Odor Does Your Prayer Give Off?”
426# Sabbath Fellowship Study 07.13.19 Whit and Friends
439# Sabbath Message 07.20.19 Whit Moorer “If the Ways of Blessings and Cursings are so Clear, Why Would Anyone Sin?”
440# Sabbath Fellowship Study 07.20.19 Scott Hoefker Part 2 of “3 Dimensions of God’s Blessings-What God does IN us”
454# Sabbath Message 07.27.19 Stephen Glover “The Time Between”
455# Sabbath Fellowship Study 07.27.19 “What God Does Through us” Scott Hoefker
463# Sabbath Message 08.03.19 “The Secret Places of Our Hearts” Whit Moorer
464# Sabbath Fellowship Study 08.03.19 “What is Our “Attitude” When We Pray?” Scott Hoefker
477# Sabbath Message 1 of 2, 08.10.19 “Do We Have the Right to Defend Ourselves?” Logan Moorer
477# Sabbath Message 2 of 2, 08.10.19 “The Feast…Our Spiritual Journey” Scott Hoefker
478# Sabbath Fellowship Study 08.10.19 “How Important are the Works God is Doing Through Us?” Stephen Glover
487# Sabbath Message 08.17.19 “Made with Love” Stephen Glover
488# Sabbath Fellowship Study 08.17.19 “Laws of Prayer, part 1” Scott Hoefker
504# Sabbath Message 08.24.19 “A Message of Encouragement” Whit Moorer
505# Sabbath Fellowship Study 08.24.19 “The Testimony of Jesus: The Spirit of Prophecy” Stephen Glover
518# Sabbath Message 08.31.19 “How the World will end, or Not” Stephen Glover
519# Sabbath Fellowship Study 08.31.19 “What’s Going to End and What’s Not Going to End” Stephen Glover
534# Sabbath Message 09.07.19 “God Will be Glorified” Whit Moorer
545# Sabbath Messages 09.14.19 “Spiritual First Responders” Logan Moorer, and “Five Giant Killers” Scott Hoefker
546# Sabbath Fellowship Study 09.14.19 “The Righteous are Bold” Stephen Glover
558 # Sabbath Messages 09.21.19 “What Makes a Great Person?” Donald Traywick & “His Story is Our History” Stephen Glover
559# Sabbath Fellowship Study “Our History part 2” Stephen Glover
571# Sabbath Message 09.28.19 “Taste and See that the Lord is Good” Stephen Glover
572# Sabbath Fellowship Study “Laws of Prayer, part 2” Scott Hoefker
574# Feast of Trumpets Message “Comfort My People with these Words” Scott Hoefker
581# Sabbath Message 10.05.19 “Unity in Atonement” Whit Moorer
588# Day of Atonement Message 10.09.19 “A Man for these Times” Stephen Glover
594# Sabbath Message 10.12.19 “What Will the Millennium Be Like?” Scott Hoefker