Our Daily Bread (Audio Recordings)


Daily 15-minutes Bible messages are available 24/7 every day by calling the following number:

Call 1-712-770-4709, (note, this number ends in “9”) When asked, use Access Code 112165#Then enter the Reference Code as follows:

361# 06.02.19 Dennis Thomas “Are We Maturing so others Can Glean from Us?”
363# 06.05.19 Holland Corbitt “The Conflict of Man’s Nature”
371# 06.06.19 Dennis Thomas “It Takes Work to Cultivate Fruit”
374# 06.12.19 Holland Corbitt “The Righteousness of God Revealed”
379# 06.16.19 Whit Moorer “Honoring the Father in Heaven”
383# 06.18.19 Dennis Thomas “Recognizing the Benefits of the Kingdom Now”
390# 06.25.19 Dennis & Jordan Thomas “Waiting Patiently for the Lord”
394# 06.26.19 Holland Corbitt “Building the House of God”
396# 06.27.19 Steve Neibler “Following the Rules”
403# 07.02.19 Dennis Thomas “Being Fruitful and Multiplying”
406# 07.03.19 Holland Corbitt “Rejoice Always as We Serve”
408# 07.06.19 Steve Neibler “How Important is the Sabbath?”
412# 07.07.19 Whit Moorer “What Have We Been Called To?”
414# 07.08.19 Wade Higgins “Law vs. Grace”
417# 07.09.19 Dennis Thomas “Sewing and Reaping”
421# 07.10.19 Holland Corbitt “The Sabbath, a Time to Worship God”
423# 07.11.19 Steve Neibler “What is the Mark of the Beast?”
428# 07.14.19 Larry Cobb “Laying Our Burdens Down Before the Lord”
432# 07.16.19 Dennis Thomas “Who are We in Christ?”
434# 07.17.19 Holland Corbitt “Continue to Seek God”
436# 07.18.19 Steve Neibler “The Holy Spirit is our Means to Know all Truth”
437# 07.19.19 Paul McIntyre “What’s Taking our Heart Away from God?”
441# 07.21.19 Whit Moorer “A Life Do-Over”
443# 07.22.19 Wade Higgins “How to Have a Relationship with God”
446# 07.23.19 Dennis Thomas “Become as Little Children”
450# 07.24.19 Holland Corbitt “Knowledge Ever Increasing”
452# 07.26.19 Steve Neibler “Be Still and Know that I am God”
458# 07.30.19 Dennis Thomas “The Living Rivers of God Never Run Dry”
461# 08.02.19 Steve Neibler “What Mistake do We Make in our Trials?”
466# 08.04.19 Wade Higgins “Having Boldness to Enter into His Presence”
472# 08.07.19 Holland Corbitt “Difficult is the Way”
475# 08.09.19 Richard Burkhard “Pilgrims on the Earth”
489# 08.17.19 Larry Cobb “The Endless Possibilities with God”
491# 08.19.19 Wade Higgins “Faith: A Foundation We Need!”
494# 08.20.19 Dennis Thomas “Feast of Trumpets: Hearing the Voice of God”
495# 08.21.19 Logan Moorer “The Pursuit of Discipleship, part 1”
499# 08.22.19 Holland Corbitt “Moving into a New Season”
501# 08.23.19 Steve Neibler “Are We Receiving Good from our Trials?”
502# 08.23.19 Eric Dettrey “A Little Good News”
506# 08.25.19 Richard Burkhard “The Sword and the Stone”
511# 08.28.19 Wade Higgins “I will be your God and you will be My people”
514# 08.28.19 Holland Corbitt “A New Heaven and a New Earth”
516# 08.30.19 Steve Neibler “Our Place in God’s Plan”
520# 08.31.19 Larry Cobb “You Don’t only Live Once but you Do”
522# 09.01.19 Wade Higgins “What Will You Endure to Reach the Goal?”
528# 09.04.19 Richard Burkhard “That 70’s Show”
529# 09.05.19 Holland Corbitt “Foolishness”
535# 09.08.19 Stephen Glover “What’s Your Responsibility in Prayer for Others?”
542# 09.11.19 Holland Corbitt “Remaining Focused”
548# 09.16.19 Wade Higgins “The Treasure I Seek”
554# 09.18.19 Holland Corbitt “When God Speaks”
556# 09.20.19 Dennis Thomas “Sound the Alarm”
566# 09.25.19 Hollan Corbitt “God is in Control”
568# 09.26.19 Steve Neibler “The Letters to the Seven Churches”
569# 09.27.19 Dennis Thomas “Rebuilding Lives”

(Note: Presenters normally record their message after 9:00 p.m. (CT) the night before their scheduled day).

The Living God Ministries, Montgomery, Alabama
* Whit Moorer
Church of God International, Alabama
* Larry Cobb

Celebration Church of God, Oregon
* Wade Higgins

Living Waters Today, Georgia
* Dennis Thomas

The Living God Ministries, Georgia
* Holland Corbitt

Churches of God, Washington
* Steve Neibler

Church of God International, Georgia
* Paul McIntyre & Eric Dettrey

Church of God International, Alabama
* Melvin Huntley