Our Daily Bread (Audio Recordings)


Daily 15-minutes Bible messages are available 24/7 daily by calling the following number:

Call 1-712-770-4709, (note, this number ends in “9”) When asked, use Access Code 112165#Then enter the Reference Code as follows:

698# 12.04.19 Holland Corbitt “1 Corinthians 15”
699# 12.05.19 Steve Neibler “Attitude”
701# 12.06.19 Dennis Thomas “Glorify our Father God”
705# 12.07.19 Larry Cobb “Is Our Plan God’s Plan?”
707# 12.08.19 Wade Higgins “The Privilege of Calling God Our Father”
709# 12.09.19 Kevin Crowe “Our ‘First Love’ Experience”
714# 12.11.19 Holland Corbitt “The Perfect Law of God”
716# 12.13.19 Dennis Thomas “A Time of Refreshing”
717# 12.14.19 Logan Moorer “Faith Apart from Works is Dead”
721# 12.15.19 Larry Cobb “The Joy of the Lord is My Strength”
725# 12.16.19 Kevin Crowe “Peter Went ‘All In’ to Follow Jesus”
727# 12.17.19 Steve Neibler “Choosing Friends Wisely”
729# 12.19.19 Holland Corbitt “Resurrection”
731# 12.20.19 Dennis Thomas “Lord, Order My Steps in Your Word”
735# 12.21.19 Larry Cobb “This is Always the Season”
737# 12.23.19 Wade Higgins “As for Me and My House We Will Follow and Serve the Lord”
743# 12.25.19 Holland Corbitt “The Way”
745# 12.27.19 Dennis Thomas “Strengthen the Foundations”
746# 12.28.19 Logan Moorer “Humility, the Christ Like Expression of Love”
750# 12.29.19 Larry Cobb “Enjoying Our Time Together”
754# 12.31.19 Kevin Crowe “Even if He Doesn’t”
756# 01/01/20 Steve Neibler “The Fear Narcissism Connection”
759# 01.02.20 Holland Corbitt “Behold!”
761# 01.03.20 Dennis Thomas “Fellow Workers for the Kingdom of God”
762# 01.04.20 David Andrulis “Choose this Day”
766# 01.05.20 Larry Cobb “What’s Our Strategy?”
771# 01.08.20 Steve Neibler “Twelve Steps to be an Overcomer”
774# 01.10.20 Dennis Thomas “Witness for the Times”
775# 01.11.20 David Andrulis “Lawlessness”
779# 01.12.20 Larry Cobb “A Friend Indeed”
784# 01.15.20 Holland Corbitt “First Fruits of God”
785# 01.17.20 Dennis Thomas “Father of Lights”
786# 01.18.20 David Andrulis “The Pull of the World”
789# 01.19.20 Larry Cobb “God’s Got the Rest”
790# 01.20.20 Wade Higgins “As for Me and My House”
795# 01.23.20 Holland Corbitt “Good Shepherd”
797# 01.24.20 Dennis Thomas “God’s Counsel for World Leaders”

(Note: Presenters normally record their message after 9:00 p.m. (CT) the night before their scheduled day).

The Church of God International, Alabama
* Larry Cobb

Celebration Church of God, Oregon
* Wade Higgins

The Living God Ministries, Montgomery, AL
* Kevin Crowe

Churches of God, Washington
* Steve Neibler

The Living God Ministries, Georgia
* Holland Corbitt

Living Waters Today, Georgia
* Dennis Thomas

The Living God Ministries, Montgomery, AL
* Logan Moorer
Bible Study Group of Great Bend, KS
*David Andrulis