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  1. The women in Montgomery have decided to offer a regular time for calling in to personally share their joys and their struggles as a way of encouraging each another in the daily walk of faith. The Lydians will be together on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at 6:30 p.m. (Central Time). The number to call is 1-712-770-4700 and the code is 112165 #. Please plan to call for the next gatherings on August. And, pray for God’s direction and blessings on this heartfelt desire to give hope and strength to the scattered wives, mothers, and other women in the Church!

  2. Please include the new men and boys telephone outreach called “Sons of God” in your prayers. If God will use His servants to turn the families in the church back to His way, then it will require strong and Godly leadership from the men in this generation and beyond. The next meeting is planned for August. The meetings are at 6:30 p.m. in the central time zone on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. The number to call is 1-712-770-4700 and the code is 112165 #. More information about this effort to prepare and support our men as priests and kings in their families is included on the “Schedule” page.


    Note: Presenters should plan to record their message after 9:00 p.m. on the night before their scheduled day.

    Churches of God, Alabama
    * Whit Moorer
    Logan Moorer
    Larry Cobb
    Kevin Crowe

    Celebration Church of God, Oregon
    * Wade Higgins

    Living Waters Today, Georgia
    * Dennis Thomas

    Living God Ministries, Georgia
    * Holland Corbitt
    Steve Niebler

    Living God Ministries, Oregon
    * Bill & Esther Glover

    Churches of God, Florida
    * Bill Harkins
    Larry Sharp
    Ray Wendle
    Morgan Pinkerman

    Church of God International, Georgia
    * Eric Dettry
    Paul McIntyre
    Mike Rogers

    * Administrator

  4. Our Morning Sacrifice
    Sunday – Friday at 6:00 a.m. [Central Time Zone]

    Following each scriptural reading (5 minutes or less) all the participants are invited and encouraged to offer up prayers of thanks and praise to our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ and to bring specific needs to the attention of those present inviting all to united prayer for God’s comfort and deliverance.

    The list of needs on the Prayer page of is a good source of current requests for intercession from the body of Christ.

    Call: 1-712-770-4700 and enter 112165 # to join your brethren in this spiritual act of worship and service.


    Daily 15-minutes Bible messages are available every day by calling the following number:

    Call 1-712-770-4709, Access Code 112165#

    Enter the Reference Code on the “Gifts” page of this website.

  6. Ray Miller needs prayers for palsy and condition of left eye and left side of mouth.
    Kathy Wilkes needs prayers for pneumonia, bronchitis, and trouble with left eye.
    Drew and Erika Glover are pleased to announce the birth of their first son, Jaxson Avery.
    Helen Rowell is joined by you spiritual family for God’s granting of 94 years of human spent in growing and overcoming. Here’s to her 95th year!
    Tim Pierce is suffering from low kidney function. If it gets much lower he will have to begin dialysis. Please pray!
    Donna Feemster has been diagnosed with leukemia.
    Connie Williams is asking for God’s mercy and blessing with a problem of high blood pressure.
    Allen Starr (Triple A) is suffering from ongoing health problems.
    Dennis Spaethe is praising God for progress following a kidney replacement.
    Cheryl Curry continue to need our prayer for spiritual victory in the battle against cancer, and for healing of the tumors in her body.

  7. Melva Howard has been diagnosed with cancer of the lower intestine. The doctors are saying that it will be necessary to check for any spreading of the cancer before removing the entire lower intestine. Melva says that she is going to express the power of God through a smile on her face each and every day. She believes in the Redeemer and Savior who gave His life to bring her to eternal life. Please pray for her continued courage and confidence in the risen Lord of life!

  8. As the bone marrow transplant for Olivia draws near, she has completed her radiation treatment and today (Tuesday, June 26) she begins chemotherapy for the next two days. She will require constant hydration to flush her kidneys and bladder and will have round-the-clock monitoring for the next 72 hours. She will also begin an immunotherapy drug for the next 3 days designed to eliminate all the t-cells in her body. There is a high rate to the drug they are using so she is being pre-medicated with Tylenol and Benadryl. The Benadryl causes Olivia to pass out for a couple of hours. Most kids get a fever, headache, rash, flu-like symptoms, etc., while other reactions can be more severe. She’ll be monitored closely throughout the 6-8 hour infusion. Liv has had 2 anaphylactic (allergic) reactions so she knows enough to be anxious about this drug and the scary potentials. She wore a heart monitor which indicated her left ventricle is slightly enlarged. This could be caused from anemia, a condition she has had for the past 3 years. This will be monitored as there could be an impact on the bone marrow transplant moving forward on Friday of this week. She is feeling OK and has a pretty good appetite and attitude although her energy is waning. She is going to feel worst during the 2 weeks following the transplant. Your continued prayers for Olivia and her family would be very much appreciated.

  9. Olivia’s bone marrow transplant should begin about one o’clock EDT this afternoon (Friday, June 29). She is being hydrated with extra fluids today to ease the infusion process which is to give her a completely new immune system and cell blueprint. The infusion is much like an ordinary blood transfusion. The next 2 weeks are expected to be exceptionally difficult for Olivia. She’ll have the after effects of radiation and chemotherapy then her new cells will begin to engraft, that’s when they begin to grow healthy blood cells. Engraftment should take about 2 weeks until the new cells are seen. There are numerous side effects to this procedure. She’s feeling OK this morning, has some energy and has been playing and coloring and getting used to the feeding tube. Your prayers are appreciated. More updates as appropriate.

  10. Marilyn Walton sent in this request: I ask that we pray for Chris. Chris is a friend of mine (Marilyn) and an acquaints to many of the brethrens at CA. Chris catered several Caribbean meals for CA on several occasions. Chris’s father who lives in Jamaica died last week. Unfortunately, Chris will not be able to travel back to Jamaica to witness the burial of his father. Please pray for his mother for she is very ill too. Pray for God’s peace, mercy and grace on Chris and all his family members.

    Aaron Baker [COG Lansing MI] provided an update on Face Book this evening regarding Phil Rishel [#45 under SICKNESS & SUFFERING] who was in 24/7 care following a series of spinal surgeries. Here is text from Aaron’s post [emphasis added]:
    Aaron Baker – I was able to stop in and see Phil for a few minutes today.
    He is currently in room 433 at Lutheran hospital in Ft Wayne.
    He fell and broke his hip about a week ago.
    He was in good spirits and recognized me and called me by name. I only get to see him a couple times a year.
    He was a little groggy so visit was cut short as he was ready to fall asleep.
    The plan is for him to return back to his room at Coventry meadows once released from hospital.
    I told him that all of us were continuing in prayers for him and desire updates as often as we can get them.
    I was just traveling through ft Wayne and will be coming back through Monday evening and plan to stop then also.
    Thanks to all who have been praying for Phil. Let’s ask for healing for the broken hip and that he will be released from the hospital soon and can return to convalescent care.

    I spoke with sister Faythe Shore [#55 under SICKNESS & SUFFERING] this afternoon. She is still struggling with the terrible pain in her hip and back.She will be getting the results of the MRI when she returns to the orthopedist on Monday July 2nd. Tomorrow Faythe and Larry go to their General Practitioner and she hopes that he will prescribe her some helpful pain medications. For some reason the specialists will not prescribe pain meds to her.
    Let’s pray that God will ease the pain for our dear sister and give her relief from the suffering.

    REMINDER – let’s pray for the folks attending CAMP OUTREACH this week to do volunteer construction for the elderly and disadvantaged, and serve in Vacation Bible School for the inner city children. Let’s pray for good weather, safe work and travel, and give thanks for these folks who give of their time and energy to be a blessing through Camp Outreach.

    Laura Maynard shared that Nelson Cossey [#14 under SICKNESS & SUFFERING] has lost much of his heart function and is scheduled to return for more testing on Monday July 2nd. Let’s ask our Heavenly Father for mercy and healing on behalf of Mr. Cossey, and for a good report from the tests.

    Constance Corbitt passed along an update on Mike Roth [#49 under SICKNESS & SUFFERING]. As you will recall, at the end of May the doctors estimated he would live only two more weeks. Here is text from Constance’s email:
    Slowly Mike is slipping away. He is mostly peaceful with all the medication and no longer responsive. But we talk to him anyway. COGWA minister was here last night. He is a man Mike really liked so we appreciate him coming and talking with Mike. Don and Alice
    I am thankful that Mike is apparently not suffering at this point. I propose we should pray for Mike to fall asleep now. We know he will awake in the Kingdom of God.
    Jun 28 at 5:48 PM
    Sad new from Arizona regarding # 49 under SICKNESS & SUFFERING, Mr. Mike Roth.
    Tucson, Arizona
    It is with sadness that on Wednesday, June 27, 2018 we bid our final farewell, in this life, to Michael Roth, son of Don and Alice Roth, brother of Mark and Steven Roth, Laurie Rohloff and Sarah Uhing; and Edward Welch [a close family friend in
    A memorial service is being planned in Tucson on Sunday, July 1st.
    A Wisconsin memorial is being planned for later in the fall.”
    Alice & Don Roth
    Thank you all for the prayers you have lifted up n his behalf. Mike is at last at peace and is not suffering. Please pray for his family and friends in their time of grief.

  11. Bill Durkee just shared an update on Mike Bettes [terminal cancer, #3 under SICKNESS & SUFFERING]
    Received a message from Mike Bettes daughter, Natasha, and she said he has been taken off vent and will likely go home tomorrow to be in hospice care. They will not put him back on vent even if he cannot breath on his own. She said,” the Dr’s have done all that can be done and it is so sad” He is in terrible pain even with the med’s they are giving him. Just thought I would pass this along as prayers are needed for family support.
    Let’s ask for God’s mercy on Mike and his family.

    Eddie Burgess CANCER UPDATE: 6/27/2018
    It’s hard to believe a month has passed by, but yesterday was my blood work/port flush day at the oncologist. Amazing – just got the results in only 24 hours.
    My CEA last month was 3.7 – now it is 3.4!!! 3.8 and under are considered normal. Tears of joy! Answered prayers from so many of my beloved friends – and countless others whom I don’t know – but God knows who you are, and I ask that he bless you as he has blessed me.
    I know a number of you have your congregations praying for me – please make sure you notify them of this really good news.
    As far as overcoming the chemothearpy aftereffects – that’s a tough road. Slowly improving, still have severe bouts of dizziness, but that’s improving as well. Fatigued all the time, but I’m forcing myself to stay as active as possible. For the time being my formal exercise program is on hold – the fatigue got the better of me.
    My diabetic situation is vastly improved – the only aspect of it out of whack is my waking numbers are higher than they should be – but the overall condition is massively improved.
    Again all credit for my positive report is directly attributed to God the Father and his son and our Savior Jesus Christ!

    Please add Melva Howard (COGMO) to the prayer list. She has been diagnosed with colon cancer. She has chosen to not have conventional treatment. She is relying on our Father in heaven to take charge and praying for Gods Glory in her healing !

  12. About a month ago (May 28) Shanna Kamens (COGWA: St. Petersburg, FL) requested your prayers for her husband’s best friend, Tommy Krause ant his wife, Shelly. Tommy had been diagnosed with early stages of dementia and Shelly required mitral valve surgery. Before she could have that surgery, Shelly suffered an arrhythmia and had a cardiac arrest. She was resuscitated and after stabilizing her for 4 days, the mitral valve was replaced and a pacemaker implanted. Tommy has been placed in a nursing home while Shelly competes rehabilitation estimated to take about another month. Your continued prayers would be much appreciated.

  13. I am very saddened to report that Mr. Lee Cole has been diagnosed with liver cancer. Mr. Cole is an elder who recently retired from pastoring three churches in eastern Pennsylvania.
    He had been having ups and downs but then wasn’t able to keep food or water down, so he went to the hospital on Saturday. While there, they did some tests and discovered the cancer late Saturday night. Mr. Cole is still at the hospital in an induced coma state as they try to determine the next steps to help him.
    His wife, Laura, doesn’t have much information yet but is understandably very devastated. Some of her children are coming in to town and will be joining them.
    Please keep Mr. and Mrs. Cole, along with their family, in your prayers at this extremely difficult time.

  14. Prayers are requested for Jean-Pierre Vernaud, a member in Switzerland. Mr. Vernaud just received test results confirming that he has a 15 cm (6 inch) long malignant tumor in his liver.
    He is suffering from diarrhea and vomiting, and has lost a great deal of weight. He is undergoing further tests. Mr. Vernaud has expressed his faith in God’s goodness and that His will is perfect. He requests prayers for God’s healing and support.

  15. Update – Olivia Greider
    Here is a routine scenario for patients undergoing bone-marrow transplant.
    Round-the-clock morphine pump (for pain)
    Not eating orally
    Spend most of their days sleeping
    Throw up into their feeding tube so many times that they are being fed intravenously
    Not interested in any physical activity at all
    Thankfully, these severe side-effects are short lived, lasting about 2 weeks. This is what the doctors and staff have been mentally preparing Olivia and her family for.

    Hallelujah! Our God reigns!
    Now consider what Olivia is doing.
    She is eating 3 meals a day (last night she had small steak for dinner), (the meals are small and she is still losing weight, but she’s eating!)
    Hasn’t napped in the last 4 days.
    Had a hula-hooping competition with one of the nurse practitioners yesterday.
    Her nausea has diminished to almost nothing so they are actually discontinuing one of the anti-nausea meds today (which is unheard of).
    The mucositis has been a relatively small issue. (She has a couple of mouth sores and potentially a couple in her throat, but otherwise is in virtually no pain. It truly is amazing and miraculous.)
    In addition her urine is clear. They aren’t quite sure what caused the blood and are continuing to monitor her daily.
    Obviously, she’s not out of any woods and the road ahead is still daunting.
    The next difficult period will be engraftment as the body starts to accept her new immune system. There can be a lot of inflammation in the form of high fevers, severe body aches, rashes, headaches, excessive fluid retention, etc. This usually occurs from day +14 – +25. (Today we’re at Day +7.) While this can be hard it means the body is working hard to use those new cells!)
    On the 4th of July, thanks to the efforts of the child life specialist, nurses and social worker, Olivia was able to have a visit with John Carlson of the Washington Capitals hockey team as he escorted the Stanley Cup through parts of the hospital. She had to be given special accommodations to come out of her room and he made a special trip down the hall to make sure that she was part of his visit. It really is encouraging and heartwarming when people go so far out of their way to put a smile on these kid’s faces. Plus, it was an awesome boost for her morale. It was pretty cool to see the Cup up close!
    They are still using her feeding tube to supplement calories, which will continue until her weight starts to increase. Also, she is struggling mentally from time-to-time. She’s lonely and having a difficult time with isolation. They’re at week 3 and still have a long time to go to be stuck in a room and without visits from friends.
    The family is very grateful for your prayers and her physical resiliency is a tremendous blessing.

  16. Lord, we thank you for giving Devane Paul rest from the struggles of his physical body. We rejoice today in the knowledge that he will have a time when you will have a desire for the work of your hands and you will raise him from the grave in a resurrection. Jesus, you are the Lord of life and the light in each person’s witness. May your blessings be upon Norma and her family as they move ahead in finishing their God-appointed course!

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