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  1. The women in Montgomery have decided to offer a regular time for calling in to personally share their joys and their struggles as a way of encouraging each another in the daily walk of faith. The Lydians will be together on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at 6:30 p.m. (Central Time). The number to call is 1-712-770-4700 and the code is 112165 #. Please plan to call for the next gathering on May 23rd. And, pray for God’s direction and blessings on this heartfelt desire to give hope and strength to the scattered wives, mothers, and other women in the Church!

  2. Please include the new men and boys telephone outreach called “Sons of God” in your prayers. If God will use His servants to turn the families in the church back to His way, then it will require strong and Godly leadership from the men in this generation and beyond. The next meeting is planned for May 16th. The meetings are at 6:30 p.m. in the central time zone on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. The number to call is 1-712-770-4700 and the code is 112165 #. More information about this effort to prepare and support our men as priests and kings in their families is included on the “Schedule” page.


    Note: Presenters should plan to record their message after 9:00 p.m. on the night before their scheduled day.

    Churches of God, Alabama
    * Whit Moorer
    Logan Moorer
    Larry Cobb
    Kevin Crowe

    Celebration Church of God, Oregon
    * Wade Higgins

    Living Waters Today, Georgia
    * Dennis Thomas

    Living God Ministries, Georgia
    * Holland Corbitt

    Living God Ministries, Oregon
    * Bill & Esther Glover

    Churches of God, Florida
    * Bill Harkins
    Larry Sharp
    Ray Wendle
    Morgan Pinkerman

    Church of God International, Georgia
    * Eric Dettry
    Paul McIntyre
    Mike Rogers

    * Administrator

  4. Our Morning Sacrifice
    Sunday – Friday at 6:00 a.m. [Central Time Zone]

    Following each scriptural reading (5 minutes or less) all the participants are invited and encouraged to offer up prayers of thanks and praise to our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ and to bring specific needs to the attention of those present inviting all to united prayer for God’s comfort and deliverance.

    The list of needs on the Prayer page of is a good source of current requests for intercession from the body of Christ.

    Call: 1-712-770-4700 and enter 112165 # to join your brethren in this spiritual act of worship and service.


    Daily 15-minutes Bible messages are available every day by calling the following number:

    Call 1-712-770-4709, Access Code 112165#

    Enter the Reference Code on the “Gifts” page of this website.

  6. From Jim Servidio, Pastor of the COGWA Houston North congregation:
    Late Tuesday evening, April 10, 2018, a longtime elder in the Church, Richard Seiver, of the Houston North congregation, passed away. Richard suffered a stroke in late February and was hospitalized but was expected to improve with therapy and rehabilitation. Due to a blockage and stent surgery, Richard continued to grow weaker and began to retain fluid in his lungs. He entered hospice care a little over a week ago and was relatively comfortable throughout his trial, maintaining a clear mind to the very end.
    Richard was ordained as an elder April 13, 1968, and served in the Houston area for 50 years. When he turned 85 years of age in 2016, he was honored and thanked for his many years of dedicated service to God’s Church and people by the local congregation.
    Richard was an example of a man who faithfully adhered to God’s way and firmly stood against any compromise with the truth. He was a caring, generous and compassionate shepherd who helped countless members over many decades. Through the years, Richard never wavered in his love of God’s truth and adherence to high standards. It will be hard to imagine the Houston area without him.
    Funeral arrangements are as follows:
    Chapel of Forest Park East
    21620 Gulf Freeway
    Webster, TX 77598
    Visitation: Tuesday, April 17, 2018, from 5 to 8 p.m.
    Celebration of Life: Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 10 a.m.

    Prayers for his daughters and son are appreciated.
    Pam Orsak (daughter, wife of Mike)
    3430 Yorktown Street
    Houston, TX 77056

    Carolyn Grandy (daughter, wife of Scott)
    1901 Triple Mast Circle
    League City, TX 77573

    Mark Seiver (son)
    22415 Crisfield Court
    Katy, TX 77450

    From Ron Kelly, COGWA pastor, Greensboro, Hickory & Raleigh, NC:
    Patricia Graybeal, of the Hickory, North Carolina, congregation, requests your prayers. Among the many things Patricia is dealing with are sarcoidosis (an inflammatory disease causing coughing, shortness of breath, or chest pain), fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, Fuch’s dystrophy (a disease of the cornea), celiac disease coupled with IBS, and narcolepsy. As she deals with these physical complications, she also struggles with depression and anxiety issues.
    Patricia is only able to attend services a few times a year. She and her husband, Larry, are having a very difficult time coping with all this as Larry is also dealing with chronic health issues of his own.
    198 The Overlook Rd Apt. 4
    Banner Elk, NC 28604

  7. Your prayers are requested for Dennis and Diane Garland (COGWA: Miami, FL).
    Diane is making good progress recovery from surgery she had on Monday and will hopefully be released on Monday, April 23. Dennis serves as an Elder. He was in a lot of pain and very nauseated but drove himself to a walk-in clinic. They directed him to Baptist Hospital in Kendal (which is the same hospital where Diane is) and was diagnosed with a heart attack—one artery was 100% blocked. A stint was inserted and he is resting
    Also Linda Bacheller, also from the COGWA Miami congregation, continues to recover from a stroke. She is having some difficulty with therapy and it will take God’s help and a lot of hard work to get the use of her right arm and hand back. Your prayers for Linda would be appreciated.
    Your prayers are requested for Glenn Smith (COGWA Elder: Joplin and Springfield, Missouri. and Harrison, AR) churches. Glenn had successful knee replacement surgery several weeks ago, but doctors are concerned that his kidneys may have been damaged by the surgery. He is suffering pain, swelling and weakness and is having difficulty with daily activities.
    Glenn and Renee Smith
    3303 Terrier
    Sarcoxie, MO 64862

  8. From Eric Evans, COGWA pastor, London, KY; Knoxville, TN & Asheville, NC:
    On Saturday evening, my father in-law, Bill Swanson, a retired pastor in the Knoxville, Tennessee, congregation, started experiencing severe chest pain. We were able to transport him to the emergency room at the University of Tennessee Medical Center where he received an EKG and then was “triaged.”
    The EKG revealed “abnormality” and he was admitted for further tests on Sunday and today.
    Your prayers for him and his wife of 55 years, Judy, are greatly appreciated.
    3748 Whitworth Dr.
    Knoxville, TN 37938

  9. From David Baker, COGWA regional director for the Philippines, Asia and Australia
    Your prayers are requested for Arjumand Ali, a member in Hyderabad, India. Arjumand is suffering from cellulitis in her left foot. Her foot is inflamed and swollen and the doctor has informed her of dead skin on her foot. She is hoping antibiotics and regular dressing of the foot will resolve the issue of dead skin otherwise surgery will be needed. She is requesting your prayers for the healing of her foot and that surgery can be avoided. Thank you so much for prayers on behalf of Arjumand.
    Arjumand Ali
    House No. 37-14/2/1
    Plot No 304-A
    Defence Colony
    Near Neredmet Crossroad
    Secunderabad 500094

    From Eric Evans, COGWA pastor, Asheville, NC; Knoxville, TN & London, KY:
    Thank you all for your prayers, emails, thoughts and concerns regarding my father in-law, Bill Swanson. It’s been a difficult week with all of the testing, waiting, waiting… at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville. The staff have all been very friendly but it seems that most hospitals are just so overloaded.
    His wife, Judy, has been at his side since his admittance Saturday night. She found it so amazing is that he is in excellent health except for his heart! The echocardiogram showed that the heart was damaged and the heart catheterization showed that the main arteries are blocked, and the rest of the arteries have blockages and are pretty well narrowed. His heart is only pumping 30 percent of the norm, and he has congestive heart failure. The doctors offered open-heart surgery because there would be too many stents to put in, and his arteries are diseased so it would be too risky, especially at his age.
    The Swansons told the doctors that he didn’t want bypass surgery, and they admitted that even if he had a bypass they could not guarantee his heart would pump more than what it is doing now. In order for them to release him the Swansons had to accept a maintenance program, so they signed for Palliative Care which will be helpful to him and to her, as well.
    The Swansons and all their family thank you for your prayers, notes and calls. We all appreciate you so much!

  10. The Memorial Service for Mr. Tony Morelli, Sr will be Friday, May 11, from 10 to 10:55 AM for friends and family at Mariani’s Funeral Home. The Memorial Service will begin at 11 AM.
    Address of Mariani Funeral Home:
    200 Hawkins St
    Providence RI 02904
    The address to send cards:
    Donna McAdams or Tony Morelli Sr
    31 Arro St
    N Providence, RI 02904

    The Morelli Family thanks everyone for their prayers, cards, and their love during this time of grief and loss and mourning.

  11. From Doug Johnson, COGWA pastor, Cleveland, OH; Meadville PA:
    Renee Williams, the member from the Cleveland, Ohio, congregation, who battled a serious foot infection leading to amputation of her right foot in February, is home. In the last five months, she has also had a lumpectomy to remove a cancerous tumor from her breast.
    She is upbeat and encouraged in looking ahead. Her oncologist says he sees no further evidence of cancer at this time. She is progressing well toward being fitted for a prosthetic foot, re-learning how to walk, and rejoining everyone at services (she’s only been able to attend one Sabbath service since early November). She still tires easily, and will continue to need in-home physical therapy, but she is very grateful for the improvement in her condition.
    She and her husband, Ray, want to thank so many who have prayed for her and written them many cards.
    20765 Quarry Rd
    Wellington, OH 44090

  12. Rosemary Williams who is in pain recovering from a serious car accident.
    Bill Craddock recovering from hip surgery and his wife has suffered stroke and is unable to talk and has a lot of health issues
    For the family of TC of NC who lost her battle with cancer
    Jamal Foston relief from colon and stomach pressures
    Joseph Walton – cancer treatment
    Joyce Morris who is losing blood from a condition and her daughter as well who suffers from severe seizures. Pray that her two eldest children are able to finish training programs so they can secure work to help aid the family with living expenses.
    Marilyn Walton – illness
    Jennifer Fagbemi – health issues
    Rashard Fant injured knee
    Pearl Jackson – periodic acute back pain
    Steve Williams elderly mother who has taken a fall
    James Jackson rehabilitating from minor stroke
    Lani Finley – Respiratory ailments
    Temeisha Quick – Family matters and to be granted favor to be blessed with funds for a car
    Earl Thomas – treatment for pancreatic cancer
    Jarmaine Earnest and family –life challenges with little ones, family and job
    Steve Williams healing and strengthen of his heart situation
    Corine Osbie – Irregular heart beat condition
    Philip and Veronica Howell – in the process of selling their house. please ask our Father to guarantee the sale with enough money to buy another house so they can move beyond the constant memory of tragedy suffered by the loss of their son.

  13. Paul Williams – Serious lower back problem that requires surgery unless our Father intervenes.

  14. Please pause to pray this morning for Wiley Peters. I just received this request via email this morning from Skip Martin, who received it from Connie Cupp. Here is text from Connie’s email:
    Urgent prayer request:. My former son in law, Wiley Peters, suffered a
    stroke yesterday in Denver Colorado. He just started a new job there and
    family is still here. His wife got just there about midnight. My granddaughter
    is flying out this morning to be with her dad. He’s unresponsive and unable
    to breathe on his own. Please pray for him, his family my grandchildren.
    Thank you
    Please join me in praying for mercy from above for this man and his whole family.

    Kyle Taylor shared an urgent request for a [2-3 year old] toddler who was being rushed to the emergency room with lung problems. He was born prematurely and children in that situation often have under-developed lungs. His name is Boston Tackett. Please join me in pausing to pray for him today.

    Bill Durkee passed along an update for Mike Bettes [#1 uner SICKNESS & SUFFERING]. Mike and Natasha related that his cancer is now in every part of his body and in all internal organs. The doctor says it is time to call in Hospice. Let’s continue to remember Mike and his family in prayer and ask for God’s mercy.

  15. Angie Brewer has updated us on her mom, Elizabeth Johnson. Here is text from her message:
    Mom has to stay and go under anesthesia again tomorrow so they can scope and look for 3 things, 1 being clots. Her heart rate dropped from 30 to 25 while walking, so they just want to be sure. She will also be going home on oxygen.
    Depending on what they find she could have a stent.
    Let’s pray for Elizabeth’s heart rate to get back to normal, protect her from blood clots, and that she will be safe during the procedure tomorrow and can go home soon.

    Ray & Linda Cadwallader updated us on the status of Patricia Farr. Here is text from the email.
    Patricia Farr came home from hospital yesterday evening. She is having a little weakness in her right foot. Having some physical therapy for that, otherwise doing well. She thanks everyone for their prayers and asks for continued prayers for full recovery.

    Please check out the new request from Skip Martin, and also the update on the status of his grandson.

  16. I received this prayer request from Danny. Please pray for Martha
    Martha has been very ill the past three days. Constant coughing, congestion, sore throat, and yesterday afternoon, no strength, fever, to the point of taking her to he E R. Her blood work was good, so she came home. Today, she is better, but still needs prayers for continued return to normal, as such. She can’t say but a few words when talking, until she has to get a breath to continue. Bad upper respiratory congestion. Prayers are appreciated. Thanks.

    Also, our grandson, Matthew Waymon had his elbow surgery this morning. Surgery went well. They took a piece from his hamstring, and repaired his elbow. He is nauseous, and is in pain. Please pray for him.

  17. ​I don’t have specific updates on either, but please continue in prayer for April and Reese McMahan whose baby passed away last week (and for the extended family as well). Also continue in prayer for Ed Martell, Jr. who had a resistant e. coli infection and was still on antibiotics at last report. He is also still experiencing significant back pain, as well as the stress of recovering from all he has been through up until this point.

  18. Casie Leavell (COGWA: Austin, TX) requests your prayers for her sister, April McMahon, who had a miscarriage last Thursday. April was 5 months pregnant, had a C-section and was in the hospital for several days. A small funeral was held for the baby, named Rider, on Sunday. Your prayers are also requested for April’s husband, Reese, and their five-year old son, Ryker, who are doing as well as could be expected under the circumstances.

  19. Cheryl Curry, a member of God’s Church who attends LCG, is suffering with the re-occurrence of cancer now in her liver. please remember her in you prayers and the Curry family.

    Please remember Mr Thomas, father of Dennis Thomas, Living Waters Ministry, will under go surgery to remove a steel from his arm that should have been removed years ago. Mr. Thomas also suffered a stroke and as a result the steel rod is pushing through his skin.

    Please pause to pray for Mike Brown today. Here is text from his wife Janie.
    Mike went to the VA yesterday and they gave him a shot in his knee and now he can barely walk. He’s had shots before but his knee has never swelled up and caused him so much pain. Put him on the prayer list please. We’ll be watching the program ,But it’s better in person.

    Evonne Butler asked us to pray for her today.
    Please say a prayer for me. I am very sick with UTI. Seven days with this fever. I will have to go to hospital if I don’t get better tonight. Thanks in advance.

    SAD NEWS – David and Sheila Davis shared on Face Book last night that they had to say goodbye to their beloved great dane, Oreo yesterday afternoon. Please lift them up as they grieve the loss of the long-time friend.

  20. Philip, Veronika, and Kaleb Howell are in need of everyone’s prayers as they keep moving ahead in life after the tragic death of their son and brother, Preston. Right now Philip has been struggling with serious health problems including fluid putting pressure on his heart and now in his lungs. They are attempting to sell their house and looking for another home. Please pray for God’s comfort and healing of their lives and hearts!

  21. Olivia woke up with a sore throat and low grade fever on Monday morning but went to the hospital for some dental work, a bone marrow biopsy and a spinal tap. Being sedated for a long procedure, she woke up groggy, dizzy and in a fair amount of pain. Her fever spiked (105.1) shortly after they got home. It’s common to have a fever after such extensive dental work but she must be closely monitored for the risk of bacterial infections so there is certainly cause for concern. They were told if the fever reached 102.5 they should take her to the Emergency Room. When it hit 102.5 last they did just that. The ER was extremely busy but Olivia’s condition warrants a red ER badge for her that allows for immediate care. They drew blood cultures and she was given antibiotics and sent her home. This morning she awoke not feeling great but somewhat better than last night. The family thanks you very much for your continued prayers.

  22. Vickie Durkee, SDCA Knoxville, had her special colonoscopy and upper GI today (with Vickie’s heart issues and COPD, the procedures are not routine). The good news is that they found no cancer, and her duodenal ulcer is gone. However, they did find that the lining of her stomach is inflamed, and she has a hiatal hernia. She also has a little bit of diverticulitis and has been experiencing spasms in her intestine. These may account for the severe pain and discomfort she has been feeling. Let’s pray for relief from pain and complete healing. Bill & Vickie thank you for your prayers on her behalf.

    My wife, Becky Swiger, got the results of her most recent CT Scan. The kidney stone in her left kidney is about 3mm in diameter. There is still blood in her urine and they said the stone may have moved recently and caused her pain. They believe she probably passed a stone on the right side. She is feeling better.

    My daughter, Amanda Swiger, saw the electro-physiologist today about her heart issue [supraventricular tachycardia]. The doctor said it is not inherited, but was likely a birth defect that has not bothered her until recent years. It is an electrical abnomality and they suggest doing a cardiac ablation to stop the the episodes of racing heartbeats and return her to a normal rhythm. She is currently weighing her options (heart medicine & blood thinners for life, ablation, Pacemaker/Defibrillator). For now she will be on heart meds to control the heart rate.

    David Truan shared that Carol Truan is still having back pain while recuperating from her back repair surgery. Please continue to lift Carol and David up in prayer.

  23. From: David Jackson, COGWA pastor, Clarksville & Salisbury, MD; Bedford & York, PA:

    Brendan and Cassandra Ebersole are asking for prayers as she has her upcoming PET Scan on Monday, May 7. As many know, she is battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This scan will tell them if the two rounds of chemotherapy have affected her tumor so far. Her doctors are predicting she will either go into radiation therapy or have two more rounds of chemo. Cassie will meet with the oncologist and know the results on Thursday, May 10. Prayers would be appreciated that she will need the least amount of chemo or radiation possible. Cassie and Brendan continue to be very positive, looking to God for her ultimate healing. Thank you for the continual prayers!

    305 Washington St.
    Cumberland, MD 21502

  24. Results of the bone marrow biopsy indicate that Olivia is not in remission; the leukemia is lower, but still very present in the bone marrow. Next week Olivia will be at a hospital in Philadelphia or at Children’s National in DC for CAR-T cell collection that will take a couple of days in the hospital. A Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC line) will be inserted into her leg and she will be largely immobile for this fairly uncomfortable 5-hour procedure. Immediately after the CAR-T cells are collected she will begin another month of chemotherapy. Hopefully the chemotherapy will continue to reduce her leukemia. At the end of this next month, if chemotherapy has not brought her to remission, that is when the CAR-T cells would be given. The bone marrow transplant will be postponed for around 4 – 6 weeks. Olivia will spend the majority of the next month in the hospital and then will have a break at home for a week before she returns to the hospital. She was able to go to school today (Friday) for a full day and came home tired but happy. This will probably be her last day for the school year. Your continued prayers are solicited.

  25. Rosemary Williams who is in pain recovering from a serious car accident.
    Bill Craddock recovering from hip surgery and wife suffered stroke and is unable to talk and has a lot of health issues
    Family of TC of NC who lost her battle with cancer
    Jamal Foston relief from colon and stomach pressures
    Joseph Walton – – cancer treatment
    Joyce Morris who is losing blood from a condition and her daughter as well who suffers from severe seizures. Pray that her two eldest children are able to finish training programs so they can secure work to help aid the family with living expenses.
    Marilyn Walton – illness
    Jennifer Fagbemi – health issues
    Rashard Fant received Master’s degree from Indiana State and recently injured his knee in NFL Training camp
    Pearl Jackson – periodic acute back pain
    Steve’s Williams elderly mother recovering from a fall
    James Jackson rehabilitating from minor stroke
    Lani Finley – Respiratory ailments
    Temeisha Quick – Family matters and to be granted favor to be blessed with funds for a car
    Earl Thomas – treatment for pancreatic cancer
    Jarmaine Earnest and family –life challenges with little ones, family and job
    Steve Williams healing and strengthen of his heart situation


    Reba Leverett-Jones Family on passing of her father; memorial services to be held after Mother’s Day

    Greenville, SC

    Paul Williams – Waiting on surgery for lower back

  26. From Eric Evans, COGWA pastor, Asheville, NC, Knoxville, TN & London, KY:

    Mike Bettes received the results from the latest tests, and they were mixed. The scan showed that everything in the brain is staying pretty stable. Mike had a P.E.T scan done a few days later and it was not very encouraging. It showed quite a bit of growth and spreading. The doctor said it has spread to his liver and possibly to the bones. There are a lot of lymph nodes on the right side of his neck that are swollen. The current treatment that he was receiving was stopped because it wasn’t effective. He is now undergoing immunotherapy.

    Mike, his wife, Teresa, daughter, Natasha Collins and grandsons, Christian and Jaxon have been wonderful examples in the face of adversity. The many cards, letters and prayers are greatly appreciated! Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

    1630 Northfield Dr.
    Maryville, TN 37804-3693

  27. Brother Nathan Mitchell shared the following prayer request.

    There is a gentleman by the name of Gary Mills, that I have worked for on 3 different occasions. Very nice person, as well as his wife!

    He found out last week that he has bladder cancer. The doctors found it in early stages, and he had surgery today to remove the cancer, as well as put time released chemotherapy in his bladder.

    I asked him last week if it was okay for me to put him on our church prayer list, and he was emotionally moved. I would like to add him please. Thanks

    Please join me in lifting up Gary Mills in prayer for quick recovery and total healing.

    Please remember the following updates.

    Donna [Neubert] Kohrs [COG Cincinnati] shared on Face Book last night that her husband Paul Kohrs is in ICU with severe heart failure. Please pray for God’s merciful intervention.

    Brandon Morgan is undergoing a surgical procedure this morning to remove the chemo port. They will keep an eye on him to watch for signs of the return of the Burkitts Disease. Please pray for a safe proceudre and a good outcome.

    Pastor Jeff Reed shared the sad news that his mom, Wilma Reed, passed away this morning.

    Mrs. Reed is now asleep and awaiting the resurrection. Let’s pray now for the peace and consolation of the family and friends in this time of grieving.

  28. Back in April I sent out a request for Cheryl Curry, a member of God’s Church who attends LCG, is suffering with the re-occurrence of cancer now in her liver. Doctors were not able to remove all of the tumor. please keep her in you prayers as well as the Curry family.

    SDCA Knoxville, TN

    Friends and Prayer Warriors,

    Please see the urgent request below from brother Skip Martin on behlaf of COG Elder Ron Bridges [Arkansas]. I checked with SKip this morning and he said that Mr. Bridges is currently in surgery to place screens to filter out blood clots.

    I am resending this update that I originally sent last night. I just noticed that Google blocked all of you from receiving it because they think it is SPAM. If I can determine what it is that triggers these blockages, I will be happy to conform to the requirements to send them out to our prayer team without jumping through hoops. So far, it appears random in nature.

    I am delighted to share this update/praise report on Mr. Ed Martell [#30 under SICKNESS & SUFFERING] from his daughter Tidffany Lively.

    My dad was discharged from the skilled nursing facility today. Doctor said everything looks good from blood work and tests. Infection appears to be gone.

    He will go for an ultrasound of kidneys in a few weeks.

    He will also be doing intense outpatient therapy as he learns to walk with his prosthetic and rebuild his strength.

    Thank you for your prayers! We are thankful his infection has healed and now we pray he can recover from his amputation “once and for all.” Hopefully the set backs are all behind us.

    Thank you,
    Tiffany Lively

    Please join me in giving praise and thanks to our Heavenly Father for the answers to prayers in rebuking the infection and permitting recovery and healing.

    Sister Laura Maynard has provided the following updates from an email that I missed yesterday.

    Michael Martinez [#33 under SICKNESS & SUFFERING] saw the doctor about shoulder surgery – per Malinda – Michael’s Dr said he has a bone spur in his shoulder now. He says it will make it miserable for him to have the surgery because it will be bone on bone, or bone on metal; no matter what they do. He has arthritis now which furthers the discomfort.
    So, as miserable as his shoulder situation is, surgery would put him in even more pain so we will pray for healing aside from the doctors.

    Malinda Martinez [#32 under SICKNESS & SUFFERING] has vitiligo and psoriasis as skin issues. She has vitamins and shampoo and wash to address that now. She had X-rays on her neck and shoulder today too to address the chronic pain.

    My son, Pete Tunstall, also struggles with skin psoriasis, sinus, and has an ear issue that is very problematic. They removed a growth and he has had several surgeries, but he is in need of medical care again now. He is making an appointment to deal with surgery again. His hearing is severely compromised now.

    Please lift up these familly members in prayer.

    Join me in giving thanks today. I [Ken Swiger] got a good report from the urologist this morning.
    The Transitional Cell Cancer that was iimaged previously in my left kidney is now gone! To God be the glory!

    I do still have a small kidney stone in my right kidney, and I have several cysts inside and outside both kidneys, some as large as 4.5 centimeters. But the doctor’s diagnosis is that they do NOT mean that I have polycystic kidney disease.

    The urologist is satisified to just watch and wait for now. As long as I do not develop new symptom or have visible blood in the urine again; we will just wait and revisit the kidney situation again when I have my next CT scan follow-up for the stomach cancer. I see the oncologist next week and expect the CT scan to be in October.

  29. If all goes well, Olivia Greider will be admitted to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on Wednesday where she will have the CAR-T cell collection procedure. She will return to the hospital in D. C. (probably on Friday) where chemotherapy will be resumed. It looks like she will be an inpatient there most of the next month. Your prayers for Olivia and her family are very much appreciated.
    Marilyn Stevens (COGWA: St. Petersburg, FL) requests your prayers for her brother, Ray Swenty. Ray is in stage 4 of terminal bladder cancer. Marilyn also sends her heartfelt thanks to you for your intercessory prayers for her and her husband, Terence, for their present health situations.

  30. Shirley Scott (COGWA: Houston South) died on Wednesday evening at 6:15 with her family present. Her husband, Melvin, Susan, and sons, Dean and David, are all doing well and recognize that she did not need to suffer any longer. They are thankful to know the truth about life and death. Funeral arrangements are pending.

  31. Your prayers are requested for Terence Stevens (COGWA: St. Petersburg, FL) who is experiencing pain and difficulties with his legs. They are swollen, peeling and bleeding. He is also retaining bodily fluids. He is finding it challenging to walk for any distance. He and his wife, Marilyn, have not been able to attend Sabbath services on a regular basis because of their health issues.

  32. Nick Collins – Is in ICU after emergency surgery for a ruptured colon and septic infection. Dr removed a section of his colon and a tumor. Now the infection is urgent focus of his care. Lab results on the tumor will take a few days. I will keep you updated on his recovery

    SDCA Knoxville, TN

    Please pause to pray for this requesst shared by Skip Martin.

    Please pray for Brian. I know he has been dealing with this problem for quite some time.

    Brian White of the Bono UCG congregation needs our prayers. He is in constant pain in his right shoulder and down the arm. The pain at times is intense. The problem is in his neck vertebrae. He is scheduled for surgery in 5 weeks, but meanwhile, he has to deal with the pain. Remember him in your prayers, please. Thanks.

    Here are some updates on recent prayer requests.

    Skip Martin provided this update on elder Ron Bridges:

    I just received this update about Ron Bridges, from John Beasley.

    Visited the hospital this evening. Ron in intensive care. On breathing
    tube. Made it thru the day with no new issues. Doing another a CT scan
    this evening.

    Let’s keep Mr. Bridges in our prayers for recovery and complete healing.

    Donna Neubert Kohrs shared an update on her husband, Paul Kohrs. Donna reported on Face Book this morning that they had to postpone Paul’s stent surgery until Friday due to a full surgical schedule. Please pray for Paul and Donna as they wait.

    Carmen Kincade shared updates for Dick Witham regarding his surgery to repair his ankle which was damaged in a scooter accident.

    From earlier WED:
    Things are a bit different then we were told this morning. They will be doing an open surgery on his dislocated ankle- and will be mechanically repairing the torn ligaments with “buttons” and fiber cords. (Probably not screws). Surgery will probably take about half an hour. Not doing anything with the broken upper fibula as it is nor displaced not weight bearing. Will be splinted for a week to 10 days, then will be cast in a hard cast for about 6 weeks. Praying for a speedy recovery!

    From WED evening:
    Dad’s (Dick) out of surgery- and the surgeon said it all went well! He made a smallish incision and put in the buttons, cord, and small plate. He has a splint until he gets casted in another week. He’s hungry as a horse now since fasting all day- and is happy to eat!
    He won’t be dancing the Fox Trot anytime in the near future… as it will be 12 weeks non-weigh-bearing. We are going to look into renting a little knee roller (scooter) to help with mobility beyond crutches. Thanks for the prayers, and keep it up!

    Ever the cutup, here is Dick’s comment on the ordeal from Linda Pratt’s Face Book page:

    Quote from Dad, “Everyone who works here at the hospital has a bad memory. They keep asking me my name and birth date!”

  33. Ed Martell, Jr. is making good progress–his infection is gone. He’ll be going in for an ultrasound of his kidneys in a few weeks and will be doing outpatient therapy to build strength and to learn to walk with his prosthetic. Please continue in prayer for his recovery, and continue in prayer for those already on the prayer list.

  34. The following prayer request is from Alina Smith.

    We are at hospital with my mom she had a bad episode with her heart, pulse went to 160, she was not responding, got stiff and her eyes went blank, we thought we had lost her. Catherine was talking to her,

    and trying to get her to respond but she just collapsed on the sofa and was gone for a few moments, probably not as long as it seem , very frightening.

    Thank you,


  35. Shanna Kamens (COGWA: St. Petersburg, FL) reports that William Cole Piper continues to heal fairly well after that new rod was placed in his leg. (He is the step-son of Shanna’s step-daughter, Kelly. He is in his early 20’s and was in a serious automobile accident last September suffering deforming fractures of his lower leg bones.) He is still on IV antibiotics and cannot bear full weight yet, but things are progressing.
    His mother, Patty, who has stomach, uterine, bladder cancer, has taken a turn for the worse and is in Hospice care. She has been given about two weeks to live.
    Shanna’s friend, Alice Schimansky, was just diagnosed with a large mass on her gallbladder and it is probably cancer. She is in the hospital, very weak, and facing a biopsy/surgery situation. Shanna requests your prayers for each of these people.

  36. Nick Collins – was in ICU after emergency surgery for a ruptured colon and septic infection. He is in recovery and is kept sedated but not knocked out. He has confusion and does not realize his condition. He is able to urinate and his blood pressure has come up. Please continue to pray for him.

    SDCA Knoxville, TN

    Friends and Prayer Warriors,

    New Request:

    Please add Phil Miller’s mother, Audrey Bost, [CGI NC] to your prayer list.

    Mrs. Bost has been suffering with severe dizziness that has been initially diagnosed as vertigo. She has anxiety about it and is worried about driving. They may be doing more tests to try to pinpoint the cause of the problem.

    Please pray for complete relief from the effects of vertigo for this dear sister in the faith.

    I received updates on two of the folks on our prayer list. Here is text from Elizabeth Johnson’s email.

    Danielle Johnson:
    Update on Danielle they finally found her a dr that she can see if she has cervical cancer for sure or not. Still praying its not that but something simple. Her appointment isn’t until June 6th though that’s the earliest they could see her. But she coming here for a 2 week visit on this Tuesday so it will be good to see in person how she’s really doing.

    Elizabeth Johnson:
    Also thank you for your prayers! I’m finally back to having strength to get around, and without the oxygen and the heart dr. is very pleased on how I’m doing. The only thing is because this rare eye disease came back after the first round of high doses of steroids didn’t work, I’m back on them again. But my drs are wanting to watch me this time while I’m on them cause it is a possiblity that they were the cause of my heart getting weak
    (because of all the problems I had on them).

    I just hate that I’ve had to start a 2nd round of these nasty pills but hopefully God will show me what to do about keeping the inflammation at bay so I won’t have anymore problems.

    The eye drs. only other suggestion is to go on a chemo drug which would not allow me to have an immune system [plus other problems] and I said NO to that! I don’t have cancer just inflammation that causes the flair up. But we know the Physician that knows how to do a cure instead of managing it. So that’s my hope, I know He is able to do all things!

    Please join me in praying for the Michael & Malinda Martinez family [Knoxville TN] who are in amiserable condition today due to food poisoning. Here is text from Laura Maynard’s email:

    I just spoke with my daughter, Malinda Martinez, and they all have a horrific case of food poisoning. Lauralee had this over Sabbath, it is fine now. She’s going to bring over the kids so that she and Michael can rest. Jackson is very sick so I’ll care for him and the baby so they can get well.

    Let’s lift the family up in prayer for healing, and lift up Laura and Ted as they try to help with the children.

    Thanks for caring and praying.

  37. For the last 5 years the Biblical Research Association has sponsored the Unity of the Spirit and Fellowship Conference in an effort to focus on the kind of relationship members of the Body of Christ should have. We all have been reconciled to our heavenly Father by the blood of Christ. Unfortunately the version of unit that has developed is not the kind of unity talked about in Scripture for those who are in Christ; the love of the truth. It appears that brethren are more interested in going along to get along, in large feast sites, beaches, grand hotels, food and entertainment rather than the intended purpose of the appointed times of God (Amos 5:21; Isiah 1:14; Jeremiah 23:22). The appointed time of God are for the people of God to learn more about Him, His Son Jesus, and our developing Their Divine Nature.

    Every 5th Sabbath They give us an opportunity to celebrate the oneness we have been granted in Them. Below is the 2018 Unity of the Spirit conference schedule:

    June 23rd – hosted by New Life Kingdom Ministries 7th Day
    September 15th – hosted by Beulah Church of God
    December 29th – hosted by Biblical Research Association

    Please mark these dates on your calendar. Time and locations of these events are forthcoming. Join us to shine the light that Christ has shined on us to other Sabbath keepers who are seeking to grow in and become one in Christ.

    Lemie McGarity
    Biblical Research Association

  38. Richard “Dick” Hegna (UCG: Big Sandy, TX) died peacefully on Sunday, May 13. He was 84. Services will be held at Croley Funeral Home in Gladewater with visitation on Friday, May 18 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. The funeral will be Saturday, May 19 at 10:00 a.m. A private graveside service for family only will follow the funeral. In lieu of flowers, donations are requested to the Hospice of East Texas in Tyler.

    Address for cards:
    Mike and Karen Danapas
    15072 CR 343
    Tyler, TX 75708

  39. Olivia will complete the current chemotherapy since she has completed 2 days of the 4-day protocol and it makes no sense to stop half way through. Over the next couple days the doctors expect her blood counts to tank and then it will take her 2-3 weeks to recover. After that she’ll have a spinal tap and bone marrow biopsy. If her minimal residual disease (MRD) is negative she’ll go straight to transplant. If her MRD is positive (which is likely) she will return to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for the CAR-T procedure. The family thinks both options are viable and trust that God is in charge of it all. Olivia will spend the next 2-3 weeks inpatient, depending on how quickly her blood counts recover. Your continued prayers would be very much appreciated.

  40. Please continue to pray for Cheryl Curry who is suffering severe pain associated with cancer. Cheryl is in room 3404 at Dekalb Medical very weak and needed blood and fluids.

    Below is a request for prayer from Richard Kisel:

    Both Jane and I are suffering and request prayers. Jane has had and extended problem AFIB Heart problem. It may take another day or 2 to recover. My hip arthritis and Neuropathy are making it difficult for me to walk. We are hoping to make it to services at Pentecost. Note: we were able to make Pentecost, but in weakness and pain. Jane has now been admitted to the hospital

    Pat MacDonald post this request for Marie Daniel LCG

    Marie Daniel, daughter of Ruth Martin, Joplin Congregation.
    Talked to Ruth little while ago. When she got home yesterday Marie was in hospital. She has diverticulitis. When they took pictures they saw possible tumor in intestines. Going in tomorrow for more tests.
    Prayers have been said for her when she had tumors removed from her brain twice. Please pray that this is nothing and she will be healed completely by our loving God. Thank you all so much.

    Continue to pray for Paul Williams of Greenville, SC who is undergoing pree opp for lower back surgery to relieve severe pain.

    SDCA Knoxville, TN

    Angela Brewer [Columbia TN] updated us on her status a little past midnight. You will recall she was hospitalized on Friday to attempt to place another stent in her bile duct, but the surgery failed twice due to scar tissue. Here is text from her Face Book post:

    3rd procedure was super late, but very effective! The stent popped in easily this time. They’re calling me lucky, but I know better. Thank you for all your prayers!!! ❤️ I’m hoping to go home tomorrow

    Let’s give glory to our Heavenly Father for watching over Angie in the hospital.

    Thanks for lifting up our sister in the fiath in your prayers.

    Linda Cadwallader [COG McDonald TN] let us know tonight that she is suffering. Here is text from her email: Asking for prayers, I have a golfball sized gall stone, so I will have my gall bladder removed tomorrow. Thanks.
    Linda Cadwallader. Please join me in praying for relief for Linda from the pain and nausea that accompanies gallbladder problems. Update: Elder Wade Johnson reports that the surgery for his sister went well today, and that she expects to be released to go home tomorrow. Thanks be to our God and Father for His protection and blessings.

    Thanks to all of you for lifting Linda up in prayer.

    Here is a picture and update from Face Book regarding little Koda Wickersham:.

    Denise Hope‎Church of God – Cincinnati

    52 mins near Cincinnati, OH ·

    Koda’s surgery went well !! The doctors were able to repair the heart
    He has congenital heart disease hole in heart and leaky valves that that were unattachedfor a smooth and full recovery.

    Thanks for lifting this infant up in prayer and rmembering his family in prayer too.

    Also, I am happy to share a praise report with “before and after” pictures for young Jackson Cossey. The “before” picture shows him covered in painful and aggravating hives. The after picture reflects the prayers of God’s people a short time later.

    May God richly bless you for your spiritual sacrifices.

    Ken Swiger

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