Prayer Requests are posted here as we receive them. Please join us all as we come before God asking for His divine intervention and will in our lives.

In addition to listed Prayer Requests, you may wish to join in Our Morning Sacrifice below:

Our Morning Sacrifice
Sunday – Friday at 6:00 a.m. [Central Time Zone]

Following each scriptural reading (5 minutes or less), all the participants are invited and encouraged to offer up prayers of thanks and praise to our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, and to bring specific needs to the attention of those present inviting all to a united prayer for God’s comfort and deliverance.

Call: 1-712-770-4700 and then enter 112165 # to join your brethren in this spiritual act of worship and service.

Prayer Requests / Updates

(11/16/19) (From Lamar Reding, father) Camille Romheild, daughter in her mid 20’s, from Newbern, AL has been experiencing heart issues related to possible Atrial fibrillation and is currently wearing a heart monitor to ascertain the possible cause. Prayers for God’s healing hand are requested.

(08/27/19) Betty Parker died suddenly of an apparent heart attack; please pray for her husband, Dennis, and the family

(08/27/19) Meghan Ross has constant pain in her stomach and cannot keep down her food; she is also passing out; Jerry and Stephanie are trying to get her to the doctors who can possibly diagnose the problems; please pray for wisdom, strength, and faith for them

(08/07/19) Eric Dettry is in the hospital in Marietta, GA after experiencing chest pains. It was determined to not be a heart attack. They are doing a stress test to possibly find the cause. He is in good spirits. He is in the WellStar Kennestone Hospital. 770-793-5000.

(From Ken Swiger) 07/26/19
David and Sheila Davis are in transit back to Knoxville after an overnight visit to Birmingham to visit with the heart team. David received straight “A”‘s on his report card! Everything is perfect! Blood clotting numbers are perfect, liver and kidney function are perfect, etc. Please give thanks to our Heavenly Father for this good news!

Richard [Jamey] Reid says that his mom, Amanda Reid, is enjoying some improvement with her case of “walking pneumonia”, but she is still dealing with a persistent cough. Doctors are planning to look into the nodule on her breastbone in October. 

Ruth Curtis & Hope Nicholson shared that their brother, Caleb McMillan is no longer recognizing anyone, but seems to be feeling a little bit better today.Let’s pray for God to be merciful to Caleb.

Ruth Curtis also shared that her daughter, Sharon Hinton reports that her lungs are getting a little clearer, but she is continuing to deal with allergies and feels llike she has a long way to go to recover from the damage done to her lungs from what originally appeared to be pneumonia. 

Hope Nicholson asks that we remember her son, Jeff Nicholson, for traveling mercies as he will be traveling to Japan on business this weekend. Please pray for Jeff’s safety and success in his journey.

(From Stephen Glover/Scott Hoefker) 07/26/19
Edith Oliver died on July 8th.  Please pray for her family!

Jerry Kamens is recovering following a heart catheterization that was very successful according to the doctor.  Pray for him and Shanna in praising and serving the Lord!

Angie Wendle is out of the hospital.  They still do not know that cause for her troubles.  Pray for the Father to reveal His will and pour out His love and mercy to Angie and Ray.

Jeff Reed’s father died recently and suddenly following surgery.  Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers as they grieve in hope of the resurrection.

Phyllis Gore’s cancer on her liver has increased in size.  Pray for God’s will to be done and His glory to be revealed!  Phyllis and Bruce are trusting in His mercy and love.

Richard Robert Pinelli died on July 15th in Vancouver, Washington.  Please be praying for the Eternal’s peace to guard the hearts of Mary and the rest of the family.  Notes of encouragement and comfort may be sent to this address:  Mary Pinelli, 9804 NE 141st Court, Vancouver, WA 98682

Terance Stevens died on July 15th in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Pray for the Eternal’s peace and comfort for the family and friends.

Jamey Cribbs has been diagnosed with a malignant melanoma that is fairly aggressive.  Testing will determine what actions can be taken.  Please take immediate action to pray for God’s aggressive intervention in this need.  All glory and praise be unto Him!

Update:  There is no malignancy in the lymph nodes, praise God!  He is having surgery to remove the lymphoma on July 26th and a biopsy of a lymph node as a precaution.

Carolyn Brooks has been experiencing heart palpitations for months.  This is in addition to a serious lack of energy and insomnia.  Please lift her up on your prayers

John Crow is recovering from surgery on July 17th to remove plaque from his right carotid artery.  Pray for a speedy recovery and increased blood flow.

Hayden Jones died in Trinidad on July 18th.  Lift up Angela and his family in their grief with the light of the resurrection to life!

Bobbie Crow had a successful procedure on his carotid artery on July 18th.  She and John are very thankful for the renewed blood flow to the brain.

July 22, 2019 Your prayers are requested for Martha Cook. She has a doctor’s appointment coming up  concerning a problem she is having with her eyes. She has had a previous injury quite some time back and it may be causing some complications.

July 14, 2019 Barbara Shanks (Montgomery, AL) has asked for prayers. About a month ago while working in her yard, she fell hard on her hip. She’s been experiencing excruciating pain in her lower back and is using a cane and a walker to get around. She would like to have relief from the pain and possible fracture. (from Barbara).

July 10, 2019 7:44 a.m. Your prayers to our Father in heaven are requested for Mr. Glen Salyer, a long time member of the body of Christ from Andalusia, AL.   He was admitted to the Baptist Hospital in Pensacola having a large blood clot in his lungs, and possible heart blockage. His wife Donna has requested prayers from the brethren for Glen. Please join us in asking God for mercy and healing according to His will, and for strength for the family.

July 8, 2019 Prayers are requested for Scott Russell. He has a hole/wound on his ankle now for 11 months that won’t heal. Tests revealed and discovered this week that he has 2 new types of bacteria in it.

July 7, 2019 Your prayers are requested for Mrs. Minerva Castillo Ulin, age 38 from Jalpa de Méndez, Tabasco, Mexico. She is suffering from a critical stage of cancer. No more can be done without flying her to Cuba which she can not afford. She has a husband Antonio Mendez, and a daughter Alicia, age 8.

July 7, 2019 Connie Williams asked for prayer for her Uncle, Leroy Pierce, who’s had surgery for his broken hip, is struggling a bit, and has an added challenge with pneumonia.

July 7, 2019
Melva Howard who recently had retinal detachment surgery is asking for our prayers. Her surgery went well but she’s having a difficult time dealing with the “after surgery” responsibilities. She has to remain in a bent position for two weeks. This is causing neck, back and hip pain. Thank you all for your continued prayers.

July 5, 2019
UPDATE David Davis.

Our God Reigns supreme in the universe! 
I am thrilled to share the news tonight that David Davis is checking out of the University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital TODAY! He and Sheila will be living in an apartment near the hospital for the next 6-8 weeks so that he has near-immediate access to the cardio folks at UAB. 
Please pause and lift up a heart-felt “THANK YOU” to our God and Father for making this day possible. We will keep lifting up David and Sheila, but always offerering up our requests with praise and thanksgiving for the miracles we have witnessed.
I am also thanking God for the medical team in the transplant unit at UAB for all their care and bringing their expertise to bear in service to our spiritual family members.
Thanks so much to all of you prayer warriors for your faithful intercession. (Ken Swiger)

June 17, 2019
David & Shelia Davis
(Cards of encouragement & support may be sent to)
David & Shelia Davis
1013 Beam Dr.
Knoxville, Tennessee

June 13, 2019 9:11 p.m.
Friends and Prayer Warriors,
Here is the latest update I have for David Davis. He is still struggling a bit today with fluid retention and has not been feeling very good. He did not get to move out of the Critical Care ICU due to the problems he faced yesterday. 
The head surgeon is constantly reminding us of the seriousness of David’s situation and that the first 72 hours are a critical time. He tends to take a negative position about David’s chances, but we are holding onto hope and giving thanks to our Heavenly Father for how things have gone so far. 
Let’s continue to pray for David’s heart to heal. Please also join me in praying for the surgeon to be more compassionate in dealing with the patients. Let’s ask our Heavenly Father to use David’s recovery as a witness to the medical professionals.
Thanks for caring and praying.
(From Ken Swiger Pastor)

June 12, 2019

Jerry Kamens is giving praise for the recovery of his heart; his pacemaker has not needed to turn on

Mike McTiernan heart is back in rhythm and he is praising God!

Mark & Emily Hampton have their new child, Liberty Lynn, at home now after a stroke from which she is recovering.

Kathryn Schuebel and her family and friends are grieving the death of Max.

Esther Glover had a sobering day on Tuesday because it was the anniversary of her marriage with Bill.  Please continue to pray for God’s kingdom and the resurrection of the dead in Christ!

Vick Fitzgerald is suffering from cancer of the blood and bone.  Please pray for him and Cathy.

Charles Kiernan is recovering from bladder surgery and the numerous blood clots along with prostate cancer have left him very weakened.

Gary Garrett has prostate cancer that has spread to his spine and is causing pain.  He and Deanna ask for prayer for wisdom in every decision according the God’s will and purpose.

Michael Charles Haughee is rejoicing in our Healer because his cancer is in remission!

Tom & Linda Diaz thank God there have been no complication from the radiation and chemotherapy his is receiving due to spreading of cancer in his body.

Ida Wildman and her husband, Bill, need God’s wisdom in making decision regarding her aneurism.  Cards and letters can be sent to 337 Plantation Road; Gray, GA 31302.

Gary Montgomery is recovering from surgery.

Jimmy & Ellen Mills are visiting in Israel and he became very sick.  He is recovering presently.  Please pray for their safety and protection.

Daniel Chauma was seriously injured in a car accident.  He lives in Malawi.

Maria Hernandez and her husband, Eduardo, are asking for prayers on behalf of her struggle with Parkinson’s disease.  Cards and letters may be sent to Calle 114 #50-64; Barrio La Alhambra; Bogota, D.C. COLOMBIA

Olivia Greider continue to bravely battle cancer in spite of her young age.  Please pray for her family, particularly her mother, Sarah.

Carol is having daily home dialysis.  Pray for God’s strength and intervention.

Miguel Gutierrez is praising God for a successful bypass recovery! 

May 28, 2019
From Keri Aschenbrenner  (COGC)
Randy’s supervisor’s Mom (Doni Felblinger), suffered either a stroke or seizure over the weekend. She’s been having anxiety since then. Please pray for Lisa as well.

Barb Williams (COGC) is requesting prayers for her daughter , Tracy Speigel. Tracy has undergone surgery. She’s developed some serious infection that is keeping the wounds from healing.   Please keep Tracy in your prayers.

Update Dale Camper (COGC): Today they will begin to slowly bring Dale out of the medically induced coma.. This process will take a couple of days.  This is a very critical time for Dale.   He was placed in a coma to allow his body to rest and prayerfully heal. But due to the severe nature of his lung disease it is uncertain how his body will respond   Please keep him and his family in prayer, as well as praying for wisdom for the medical staff.  Your prayers are deeply appreciated by the Camper family who looks wholly to Our Great Healer for Dale’s care.

From Kristi Sattler (COGC)
Last week my mama, Trish fell and broke her right femur & the top of her right knee. She is in rehab and doing well. She sees the orthopedic doctor tomorrow, at this time it is no surgery and 6 weeks no weight baring. I have a lot to learn and our house “feels” like a total explosion of boxes as we just moved mama, then Jonathon and Rebekah from college. I know that it will all settle down but for now it’s a bit chaotic.

May 24, 2019
Mark and Emily Hampton had a baby girl, Liberty Lynn Ann.  She apparently suffered from a stroke due possible to a bacterial infection.  She is in ICU and it is not known what developmental problems might result.  Please pray and send encouragement to 822 Ledgewood Way, Clinton, MS 01510

Pleases pray for Dale Camper, the brother of Donnie Camper, he has been placed in a medical coma. Barring God’s intervention he will not make it.   Please pray for God’s perfect wisdom and for peace for the family.

Mike McTiernan is in the hospital due to an irregular heartbeat

John and Trish Plunkett in Vancouver Island are thankful the life of Ryan was saved.  He is recovering from ulcerative colitis and the removal of his colon.  His wife is Arabella and the live at 209 Liverpool Road, Southport, Merseyside  PR8 4PH  CANADA

Stan Deveaux has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and asks for God’s wisdom in making all medical choices.

Mary Glenister suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and lesions on her brain are causing impairment with low energy.

Leland Norton is 74 and he suffers from COPD and heart problems.

Miguel Gutierrez is recovering from open-heart surgery.  He lives at 3939 Marlton Avenue  #335, Los Angeles, CA 90008

Allison Herrick is suffering from infections and high fevers due to an abscess between her skull and her brain.

UPDATE: Eve Patton, May 20, 2019
Her cast was removed Monday the 13th – 3 weeks ahead of schedule. The doctor said “she has had miraculous and fast healing” and was able to remove her cast without having to sedate her which allowed her to avoid a costly $7,000 bill! Megan said she’s been scooting all over the house and enjoying her new found freedom. Most likely in the next 1-2 weeks she’ll gradually start building up confidence to put pressure on the leg and start walking again. One additional thing we’d like prayer on is the full restoration of her leg. It’s 1.5 inches shorter than her other leg which is quite dramatic. The doctor said we shouldn’t be worried but it’s still concerning as it could have health implications if it doesn’t level back out. She goes in tomorrow for a checkup on her recovery progress. (Original PR on April 15 below)

May 17, 2019
Allison Herrick [husband Jeff]:  she has sepsis & menengitis; hospitalized with life-threatening dehydration and infection

Kay Cribbs: she is praising God that there is not indication of further growths in her body

Mary-Lynn Mershon:  long road of recovery from serious trauma

Jerry Kamens:  pacemaker installed; very weak and tired

James Aghimien:  blood pressure problems; collapsed at Sabbath services; a longtime member who is 70 years old; write to his son’s address:  Osas Aghimien; 123 Edo Textile Mill Road; Ogidia Quarteres; Benin City, Edo  NIGERIA

Greg Smith:  downturn in his struggles with throat and lung cancer; wife, Kelly

Henry (13-yr-old):  severe dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea; a throat infection; he is in Zambia and his mother is Mwila

Roberta Miller:  she is suffering from blockages in her leg, but a stent and by-pass surgery are not options due to her age and the condition of her veins

Tom Diaz:  his cancer is growing and he is starting a round of radiation and chemotherapy

Edgar Weller:  he has sever cancer and recently was diagnosed with leukemia; he and his wife (Vivian; recently baptized) are wanting to truth in God; considering the option of chemotherapy; write to Edgar and Vivian at the following:  RR #16359 Hwy 522; Nipissing, Ontario; P0H 1W2 CANADA

May 16, 2019
Cliff Williams is battling an infection in his foot that required the use of IV antibiotics, and his son-in-law Michael needs our prayers.
-Travis Peavy has asked for prayers for Corinne who experiences numbness and migraines perhaps stemming from the back of her brain or in her neck.

May 11, 2019
Annette Callaway Currier, “Requesting prayers for my family. My nephew, Charles DeMaggio, was killed in an accident last night. He leaves behind his wife, Jennifer and son, Michael. He is the youngest son of my sister, Elaine, and Stepfather, Billy. Billy is 92 and is very ill and my sister is his caregiver. Please pray for strength to get them all through this difficult time”

(Stephen Glover on May 2, 2019) Jesus entered the region of the Gadarenes and a man coming out of the tombs met Him and said, “Have you come to torment us before the time?” The demons infecting his mind and body fled into the swine at the Lord’s command and the man was dressed and in his right mind when the people from the city arrived. God’s Spirit is the only source of a “sound mind” in a world that is driving people over the brink of madness! Pray that Abba will give us His strength to stand as a wall before the enemy and to continuously attack the “gates of hell” itself! Hallelujah!

Anthony Todd Howell is going through some very severe trials resulting from serious accusations made against him. Please pray that the Lord will bind the strong man and deliver another prisoner out of his house. I also desire that you would ask for the wisdom of the heavenly Father to live in me as I send power-filled words of comfort, courage, and correction as needed. Our God is the Lord and He is One!

Anthony Todd Rowell
Boone County Jail
2121 E County Dr
Columbia, MO 65202

Even the sparrows can’t fall to the earth without the knowledge of our heavenly Father . How much more is He aware of the needs of His children. May we always pour out our hearts to Him in response to His pouring out the Spirit into our mortal bodies to bring real healing and wholeness. Praise Abba and His glorious Son, Jesus Christ who is our Lord and Messiah! Hallelujah!

May 2, 2019 Jerry has a bladder infection and is passing out . . . Shanna is very concerned.

Christian is a youth with a ruptured appendix.

Beth Garrett is suffering from what appears to be a reaction to antibiotics.

The Creator of all mankind is the great Healer because of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. Accepting His broken body for our sins restores us to righteousness and makes possible the infilling of the Holy Spirit. This is the spiritual life of the “Lord” working in us to renew our minds, revive our hearts, and daily prepare our bodies for His service. Here are a few of those in need of complete healing in their lives:

April 28, 2019 Paulette Williams has blood clots in her lungs.
Kay Cribbs is being diagnosed by a lung doctor, however, the nodules around her thyroid are benign.
Jerry is very weak and has trouble with his heart rate, his breathing, and with blood in his urine. He is also somewhat anxious about his life.
John Vervynck has throat cancer.

April 15, 2019 Eve Patton, 3 year old daughter of Jonathan and Megan Patton, (Omaha, NE area) unexpectedly jumped out of the swing when Megan was pushing her as she wanted to be like her brother. She fell about 5 feet and all her weight landed on her right leg which caused her to snap her femur bone. It was a clean break, they put her under sedation and re positioned it before casting it. She is in a cast torso down so she is unable to move for the next 3-4 weeks as the healing begins.Your prayers for healing appreciated.

April 14, 2019 Mike and Ron Fine and family, COG Cincinnati, grieving process over recent losses of mother and step mother.