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  1. The women in Montgomery have decided to offer a regular time for calling in to personally share their joys and their struggles as a way of encouraging each another in the daily walk of faith. The Lydians will be together on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at 6:30 p.m. (Central Time). The number to call is 1-712-770-4700 and the code is 112165 #. Please plan to call for the next gathering on April . And, pray for God’s direction and blessings on this heartfelt desire to give hope and strength to the scattered wives, mothers, and other women in the Church!

  2. Please include the new men and boys telephone outreach called “Sons of God” in your prayers. If God will use His servants to turn the families in the church back to His way, then it will require strong and Godly leadership from the men in this generation and beyond. The next meeting is planned for April . The meetings are at 6:30 p.m. in the central time zone on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. The number to call is 1-712-770-4700 and the code is 112165 #. More information about this effort to prepare and support our men as priests and kings in their families is included on the “Schedule” page.


    Note: Presenters should plan to record their message after 9:00 p.m. on the night before their scheduled day.

    Churches of God, Alabama
    * Whit Moorer
    Logan Moorer
    Larry Cobb
    Kevin Crowe

    Celebration Church of God, Oregon
    * Wade Higgins

    Living Waters Today, Georgia
    * Dennis Thomas

    Living God Ministries, Georgia
    * Holland Corbitt

    Living God Ministries, Oregon
    * Bill & Esther Glover

    Churches of God, Florida
    * Bill Harkins
    Larry Sharp
    Ray Wendle
    Morgan Pinkerman

    Church of God International, Georgia
    * Eric Dettry
    Paul McIntyre
    Mike Rogers

    * Administrator

  4. Our Morning Sacrifice
    Sunday – Friday at 6:00 a.m. [Central Time Zone]

    Following each scriptural reading (5 minutes or less) all the participants are invited and encouraged to offer up prayers of thanks and praise to our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ and to bring specific needs to the attention of those present inviting all to united prayer for God’s comfort and deliverance.

    The list of needs on the Prayer page of is a good source of current requests for intercession from the body of Christ.

    Call: 1-712-770-4700 and enter 112165 # to join your brethren in this spiritual act of worship and service.


    Daily 15-minutes Bible messages are available every day by calling the following number:

    Call 1-712-770-4709, Access Code 112165#

    Enter the Reference Code on the “Gifts” page of this website.

  6. The following prayer request is from Dave Robinson; who lives with his wife, Colombe; they live in Ashton, near Ottawa, Ontario.
    Hi Folks, to let you know:
    Paramedics took Colombe to the Carleton Place Hospital yesterday morning.
    Due to several concerns she was transferred to the the ICU at the Civic Hospital – they have her in isolation at this time due to what might be several infections, for which she is on several antibiotic drips.
    As well they are trying to determine what caused the several seizures that rendered her unresponsive… she’s had CT scan and will be having an MRI soon…
    Our exciting life!

  7. We poured out our hearts in prayer for little Chloe, and cried bitter tears for the Aschenbrenner family after her loss. I know a lot of you are praying for the family now for peace and comfort during their time of grieving.
    Sister Carmen Kincade shared the following information for those of you who would like to send a card of condolence.
    Thank you for your hearts of compassion, and for caring and praying.
    I’ve never seen such grief and pain as I witnessed yesterday. They will never be the same . We will never be the same. Thank you for praying and loving.
    Here’s the address for cards
    Keri & Randy Aschenbrenner 10654 Hamilton Ave Cincinnati, OH 45231
    Stacey & Kelly Seelig 7065 Foundry Row Apt 323 Liberty Township, OH 45069

    Aggie Jacques request update:
    Dear Loved One’s,
    Thanks to our Great God. After blood work and CT scan they discovered she (Kate) had a very bad appendix. It was right at the point of bursting. She had been taking antibiotics for earache and it was masking her symptoms. They removed it late yesterday evening. She is still drowsy and a little goofy this morning but smiling. Thank you so very much for all of your prayers.

  8. From Jim Servidio, Pastor of the COGWA Houston North congregation:
    Late Tuesday evening, April 10, 2018, a longtime elder in the Church, Richard Seiver, of the Houston North congregation, passed away. Richard suffered a stroke in late February and was hospitalized but was expected to improve with therapy and rehabilitation. Due to a blockage and stent surgery, Richard continued to grow weaker and began to retain fluid in his lungs. He entered hospice care a little over a week ago and was relatively comfortable throughout his trial, maintaining a clear mind to the very end.
    Richard was ordained as an elder April 13, 1968, and served in the Houston area for 50 years. When he turned 85 years of age in 2016, he was honored and thanked for his many years of dedicated service to God’s Church and people by the local congregation.
    Richard was an example of a man who faithfully adhered to God’s way and firmly stood against any compromise with the truth. He was a caring, generous and compassionate shepherd who helped countless members over many decades. Through the years, Richard never wavered in his love of God’s truth and adherence to high standards. It will be hard to imagine the Houston area without him.
    Funeral arrangements are as follows:
    Chapel of Forest Park East
    21620 Gulf Freeway
    Webster, TX 77598
    Visitation: Tuesday, April 17, 2018, from 5 to 8 p.m.
    Celebration of Life: Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 10 a.m.

    Prayers for his daughters and son are appreciated.
    Pam Orsak (daughter, wife of Mike)
    3430 Yorktown Street
    Houston, TX 77056

    Carolyn Grandy (daughter, wife of Scott)
    1901 Triple Mast Circle
    League City, TX 77573

    Mark Seiver (son)
    22415 Crisfield Court
    Katy, TX 77450

    From Ron Kelly, COGWA pastor, Greensboro, Hickory & Raleigh, NC:
    Patricia Graybeal, of the Hickory, North Carolina, congregation, requests your prayers. Among the many things Patricia is dealing with are sarcoidosis (an inflammatory disease causing coughing, shortness of breath, or chest pain), fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, Fuch’s dystrophy (a disease of the cornea), celiac disease coupled with IBS, and narcolepsy. As she deals with these physical complications, she also struggles with depression and anxiety issues.
    Patricia is only able to attend services a few times a year. She and her husband, Larry, are having a very difficult time coping with all this as Larry is also dealing with chronic health issues of his own.
    198 The Overlook Rd Apt. 4
    Banner Elk, NC 28604

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