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  1. The women in Montgomery have decided to offer a regular time for calling in to personally share their joys and their struggles as a way of encouraging each another in the daily walk of faith. The Lydians will be together on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at 6:30 p.m. (Central Time). The number to call is 1-712-770-4700 and the code is 112165 #. Please plan to call for the next gathering on March 14th. And, pray for God’s direction and blessings on this heartfelt desire to give hope and strength to the scattered wives, mothers, and other women in the Church!

  2. Please include the new men and boys telephone outreach called “Sons of God” in your prayers. If God will use His servants to turn the families in the church back to His way, then it will require strong and Godly leadership from the men in this generation and beyond. The next meeting is planned for March 7th. The meetings are at 6:30 p.m. in the central time zone on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. The number to call is 1-712-770-4700 and the code is 112165 #. More information about this effort to prepare and support our men as priests and kings in their families is included on the “Schedule” page.


    Note: Presenters should plan to record their message after 9:00 p.m. on the night before their scheduled day.

    Churches of God, Alabama
    * Whit Moorer
    Logan Moorer
    Larry Cobb
    Kevin Crowe

    Celebration Church of God, Oregon
    * Wade Higgins

    Living Waters Today, Georgia
    * Dennis Thomas

    Living God Ministries, Georgia
    * Holland Corbitt

    Living God Ministries, Oregon
    * Bill & Esther Glover

    Churches of God, Florida
    * Bill Harkins
    Larry Sharp
    Ray Wendle
    Morgan Pinkerman

    Church of God International, Georgia
    * Eric Dettry
    Paul McIntyre
    Mike Rogers

    * Administrator

  4. Our Morning Sacrifice
    Sunday – Friday at 6:00 a.m. [Central Time Zone]

    Following each scriptural reading (5 minutes or less) all the participants are invited and encouraged to offer up prayers of thanks and praise to our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ and to bring specific needs to the attention of those present inviting all to united prayer for God’s comfort and deliverance.

    The list of needs on the Prayer page of is a good source of current requests for intercession from the body of Christ.

    Call: 1-712-770-4700 and enter 112165 # to join your brethren in this spiritual act of worship and service.


    Daily 15-minutes Bible messages are available every day by calling the following number:

    Call 1-712-770-4709, Access Code 112165#

    Enter the Reference Code on the “Gifts” page of this website.

  6. Please send up urgent prayers for Veronika, Philip, and Caleb Howell. They are having a very hard time following the recent death of their son, Preston. He died in their home under very tragic circumstances and this makes it extremely hard for Veronika to remain there. They have to make the important decision as to whether they will remain in that house or move elsewhere. May the Lord God rebuke the adversary and all his spiritual oppression. Pray for the light of truth and freedom to shine brightly into their lives.

  7. Elvira Carman (COGWA: St. Petersburg, FL) either fell or passed out in her apartment this morning (Monday). She was taken to an emergency room and then admitted to a hospital in St. Petersburg for testing. Physically, she is fine—no broken bones—but she is quite confused and a little frightened. Her daughter is with her. Your prayers would be very much appreciated.

  8. I spoke with Larry and Faythe Shore today. The doctors have discovered that Larry Shore has an aneurysm on his aorta. They described it as appearing as a “bubble”. Larry is scheduled to have a stress test on Thursday February 15th. Larry is a bit anxious about the stress test and is hoping that his knees can hold up to the strain of the walking and running on the treadmill.

    Let’s remember Larry and Faythe on that date and ask God to protect Larry’s health and resolve the aneurysm and restore him to vibrant health.

    Remember that Carol Truan is scheduld to have her cataract surgery on one of her eyes tomorrow, Monday February 12th and Ted Maynard is scheduled to his first cataract surgery on Tuesday February 13th. Let’s lift these two spiritual family members up in prayer for safe surgeries and quick recoveries.

    Please pause to pray for our sister in the faith, Angie Brewer [Columbia TN]. Angie is in the hospital tonight and has been in a lot of pain with gall bladder problems. She is scheduled for surgery in the moring to remove her gall bladder.

    Please pray for a successful surgery and a quick recovery. Angie and husband Adam have three young children who will be welcoming her home after the surgery.

    Friends and Prayer Partners,

    David Truan updated us on his wife, Carol Truan, who had cataract surgery this morning. The surgery went well and Carol is resting at home now. They thank you for your prayers.

    Glen Leslie updated us on our friend and brother in the faith, Ron Schemenauer, who has been on our prayer radar for a long time due to his ongoing battle with eye disease. Here is text from Glen’s message:

    Ron Schemenauer is feeling quite down today. On Friday a large chunk of material showed up in one of his eyes. More material seems to have broken free over the weekend. Chances are he’s had a severe tear in his cornea and the eye will be damaged beyond recovery (both eyes have received corneal transplants)

    Ron reached out over the weekend several times expressing concern … especially for his wife, Debb, who shoulders the driving to and fro (including long distance trips to Chicago and elsewhere) as well as some of the breadwinning through IT consulting in between a complete overhaul/renovation of a farmhouse they bought some years ago.

    Hoping for some direct intervention on his behalf. Basically needs a miracle.
    To retain sight in that eye…which has been the more hopeful of the two up to this point.
    Let’s continue to pray for Ron and Debbie. There is a very frustrating and frightening situation for them.

    Vickie Durkee called this morning to ask us to pray for her daughter and son in law,
    Bonny & Jared Burry [Caryville TN]. They woke up to 2.5″ of flood water in their bedroom on Sunday morning. Their bedroom is in the basement (with 7 feet of soaked soil around the outside walls). Everyone in the east TN area knows we are currently saturated with an over abundance of rain. So digging is a real problem at this time in addition to being a real financial burden. Vickie says they are going to have to hand dig a french drain all around the basement walls to get the water away from their home.

    Also, the flu has begun to attack the family. They have one young person quarantined in one end of the house to try to slow the spread.

    Let’s lift up Jared and Bonny and family in our prayers for relief from all the problems of flooding and mold they have been battling, and also for healing form the flu.

    Please pause to give THANKS this morning. We have a couple of updates to share.

    Liz Johnson shared that er daughter, Angela Brewer’s gall bladder surgery went well. Hopefully she will be well enough to go home today.

    Laura Maynard shared that her hubby, Ted Maynard, is resting at home following his cataract surgery this morning. It looks like everything went well and we look forward to a good report regarding improved vision.

    Janie Brown updated us on her good friend Vergie McCoy today. Vergie has been moved to a nursing home near home in Scott County. Please continue to pray for God to be merciful to Vergie.

    There was an update today on Face Book regarding the mission efforts of Dusti and Deanne Howell in Costa Rica. Their requests for working with the children and teachers at the orphanage were mostly denied. Plus, Deanne was robbed just ouside the orphanage and lost her cash, credit cards, Passport etc. You can read the details on their Blog at:

    If the link is not clickable, then copy paste it into your browser address line.

    Dusti and Deanne are not defeated. They are soldiering ahead and appreciate your prayers.

    Thanks for caring and praying.

    Ken Swiger
    PS: Becky Swiger just shared that Face Book indicates that Angie Brewer is home from the hospital. Join me in giving thanks!
    Thanks to you all for pausing to pray.

    Ken Swiger


    For those who are interested the Biblical Research Association will not host a Unity of the Spirit and Fellowship Conference this coming 5th Sabbath in March 2018 because of the Spring Holy Days. March 31st is the first day of Unleavened Bread. Our next Conference will be June 30th. Information for this meeting will be forthcoming.

  9. Elvira Carman thanks everyone for their prayers and concern. She is feeling much stronger, is resting well, and her clarity is improving. Next steps are yet to be determined, but she is much improved. Your continued prayers would be appreciated.

  10. Please beseech our heavenly Father to intervene on behalf of 7 year old Kaleb Howell, the son of Philip and Veronica Howell here in Dallas, GA. The Howell family is in need of our intercessory prayers; they are still grieving over the loss of their 14 year old son Preston last month, Now Kaleb their 7 year old has an irregular heart beat and they are very concerned.

    Please join me in asking our Heavenly Father to intervene with comfort and the strength to endure the trial they are going through right now, and to take away or minimize the effects of Kalebs irregular in the name above all names, Jesus the Christ, our Lord, our savior, and our healer.

  11. Alan and Sheryl Haight (COGWA: St. Petersburg, FL) request your prayers for Alan’s mother, Mary, who was taken by ambulance to the hospital last night (Tuesday). Tests confirmed she has pneumonia and also some blocked arteries in her heart. Alan and several of his siblings are with her now; she will probably remain in the hospital for several days. Your prayers for a quick healing and a short stay in the hospital would be very much appreciated.

  12. Friends of Phil Rishel: Phil is in the hospital with pneumonia and has taken a turn for the worse. The hospital would like to get in touch with family members. If any of you know anyone from his family please tell them that he is in the ICU unit at Dupont Hospital, 2520 E Dupont Rd, Fort Wayne IN. The phone number is 260-416-3000. Thank you.

  13. Today seems to be a day to remember lost loved ones. I received a phone call from Sherman Spivey [KY] today to ask us to pray for the family of Patricia [Trish] Russell who just passed away. Trish was a long time friend of Sherman.

    Let’s lift up the family and friends in prayer as they remember her and grieve her loss.

    I received a text message from Janie Brown [SDCA] who is also remembering a friend who has passed on this date some years ago. Here is text from the message:

    I have a special prayer request today. 12years ago today my cousin Beverly Washam and her husband Sonny lost their son in Iraq to a suicide bomber. This a hard day for them and their family. Cpl Rusty Washam is his name. If u would like to read about him just put it into your search engine and you will see his face. He died 3 days after his 21st birthday.

    Let’s lift up those family and friends who are grieving the loss of Rusty Washam. Here is a link to a web page where you can see his picture and read about him. If the link is not clickable, you can copy/paste it into your browser address line, or do a Google search on his name.

    Carmen Kincade shared the following update on baby Joanna Grace Wayne (premature birth, #97 under Sickness & Suffering) from the aby’s dad, Jordan.

    UPDATE: I wish all updates were good news. I seem to procrastinate much more on these when they are not.

    Joanna seems to have hit some bumps in the road lately. The valve in her heart (heart murmur) still hasn’t closed. It’s causing the added stress of fluid buildup on the lungs and kidneys and other areas which is beginning to cause serious problems. We are told that there isn’t much they can do because treating one area detrimentally effects another area (missing a lot of medical terminology in this sentence).

    Surgery is possible but extremely risky and best case Scenario would be extremely difficult on Joanna. They are doing one more echo on her heart tonight before consulting with children’s hospital tomorrow. If you could say an extra prayer for her today it would be greatly appreciated. We are doing our best to hold it together, thank you for your support.

    Thank you for praying for baby Joanna and her parents Jordan and Courtney Wayne. Let’s make sure God hears from us tonight.

  14. After a couple of delays, Olivia Grider had the bone marrow biopsy on Thursday afternoon. Very preliminary results should be available today (Friday) and actual pathology results on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. The doctors also placed a broviac in her chest. The broviac is an additional IV line into her chest that will allow them to give multiple IV medications simultaneously. All of this required a full 2-hour operation. Everything went as planned although she is sore and nauseous, exhausted and emotional. Physically she is doing okay and her pain is being managed with heavy dose Tylenol and anti-nausea medications. The next phase is tentatively scheduled for Friday, February 23 or Wednesday, February 28 depending on various factors. Your continued prayers for Olivia and her family are very much appreciated.

  15. Steve’s (and Rosemary) Williams elderly mother who has taken a fall
    James Jackson (Sherry’s father) hospitalized for complications from diabetes and minor stroke
    Pearl Jackson – sciatic nerve and bad cold
    Lani Finley – Respiratory ailments
    Marsohnell Montgomery of Claremont, FL (Vonciel’s cousin) – Comfort during this time of grief on unexpected death of son and daughter-in-law
    Temeisha Quick – Family matters and to be granted favor to be blessed with funds for a car
    Earl Thomas (friend of Vonciel and Sherry) – pancreatic disease as he undergoes treatment
    Jarmaine Earnest and family –life challenges with little ones, family and job
    Steve Williams healing and strengthen of his heart situation
    Stephen Deering, has a Cancerous tumor above his knee, he takes Chemo to be followed by removing the infected bone and putting in a plate. Lives in Dublin, Ireland. K

    Paul Williams of Greenville, SC who suffers with severe lower back pain.

    Church of God International Atlanta

    Emma Stalling – Multiple health issues
    Harold Greer – Severe authorities
    Georgia Brown – Multiple health issues
    Gerald Burke – Prostrate cancer

    Philip and Veronica Howell-Dealing with the death of their 14 year old son who took his own life for reasons unknown. Ask our heavenly Father to grant them strength, peace, and comfort to endure this tragedy.

  16. I spoke with Faythe Shore just now and she said Larry Shore did well on his stress test this morning. They thank you for your prayers and will let us know any updates once the receive the results.

    I learned from a friend of a friend on Face Book that Phil Rishel is in ICU in Fort Wayne Indiana suffering from pneumonia and may have had a mini-stroke. They were reaching out to try to find a family member to make contact with the hospital. It appears that may have happened now as his cousin is contacting his daughters. The lady on Face Book said his nurse told her that he is trying to crack jokes with her, so he must be in pretty good spirits. Please lift Phil up in prayer for healing.
    Here is an update from Face Book on little Joanna Wayne:

    Update on Joanna Wayne . Please continue to pray
    Joanna will be transported to Children’s hospital tomorrow afternoon and surgery will be early next week to fix her heart. They want to do surgery ASAP before her kidneys get any weaker. I will probably update again right before surgery.

    Thanks for lifting this premature born baby and her family in prayer.

    Wanda Brown shared that her stress test went well. She will follow up with the cardiologist in two weeks. She will have her endoscopy and colonoscopy this next week. Thanks for lifting her up in prayer.

    It appears that my niece’s husband, Harold Eaton [Niota TN] has had a heart attack. He is in the cardiac care unit at Fort Sanders tonight and will be undergoing a heart catheter procedure in the morning. Your prayers Harold and his wife Wendy are appreciated.

    I spoke to my brother this evening and learned that his wife, Bobbie Swiger, has now been diagnosed with the flu. She also just got bad news this week about her cancer. All the tumors are growing again. They have changed her chemo treatments again and it has really hit her hard. Her resistance is so very low. Please join me in praying that she will be able to battle through this flu as she is so very weak.

    Ted Maynard and Carol Truan are both facing their second cataract surgery this coming week. Please remember them in prayer.

    I [Ken Swiger] had a follow-up cardiologist visit today and they liked what they saw heart-wise. So I consider that a reason to give thanks!

    Tiffany Lively shared an upbeat update on her dad, Ed Martell.

    My dad had a Check up with the prosthetic company and they said his wound is looking great! They also gave him a test which he needed a 9 and scored a 14 (even better than required)! They will begin his “stump shrinker” (I wish there was a better term for that) next week. He also goes back to his orthopaedic surgeon next week and will hopefully get the clear to begin prosthetic walking and remove the remaining sutures.

    In addition, he was able to get in and out of the car by himself!!! No more ambulant for transportation to and from doctor. This was a huge obstacle that we are all so thankful for and proud of him to do! He hasn’t been able to do that since his surger the end of last year.

    His back is still in excruciating pain, but he’s also made so much progress!

    We thank everyone for their prayers! We finally feel we are getting some where in all of this 🙂

    Thanks for caring and praying. Let’s give thanks for the praise report and keep praying about the terrible back pain.

  17. Please pray for Wayne Thompson whose brother passed away this week.

    We have a good report on Ed Martell, Jr.: The prosthetic company examined his wound and found it far better than expected! He’ll be going back to his orthopedic surgeon next week, hopefully getting the sutures out and getting the all clear to begin prosthetic walking. He is also now able to get in and out of the car by himself, so there is no need for an ambulance to take him to the doctor. He is still experiencing excruciating back pain, so prayers for his continued recovery are still requested.

  18. This is a time that the flu and other winter illnesses have really taken a strong hold on so many people. This season’s flu is being touted as the worst in many years. Already, there have been a high number of deaths, especially among young people.

    As many of you know, our granddaughter, Elizabeth has been in New Zealand studying and training for discipleship and missionary training. Part of her final period has been and will be spent in several different countries in the area. Earlier this week, she left Papua New Guinea for South Korea. She called Susan, our daughter, to ask for prayers as she is sick, but didn’t provide any details. Knowing Elizabeth, it takes a lot to get her down. Of course, we are concern as South Korea is having an epidemic of Norovirus as well as the flu. The South Korean government has called in segments of the armed forces to replace over 1000 security personnel that have been quarantined.

    Also, this week Mason Garton, the 17 year old son of Susan’s good friend, died this past Wednesday as a result of the flu. He became sick with it last Friday and it developed into pneumonia.

    Susan called us this morning to let us know one of her friend’s two year old son is in the hospital being treated for the flu and pneumonia. He has Downs Syndrome and a heart condition.

    Michael and Ericka Deering have been fighting upper respiratory infections as well as the flu. Michael has been dealing with it for several months, now. Ericka’s mom has been in the hospital for problems related to dementia, but we just heard that she is somewhat better now, after some medication changes.

    Brother Chitti and Sister Ruth Gampala have been struggling with Typhoid Fever since the death of Brother John Gampala almost two months ago. The last we heard from them, they are still down with it.

    Please pray for these people and all you know who are suffering and ill.

  19. From: paul frownfelter
    Date: Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 11:14 PM
    Subject: Re: Prayer Requests
    To: Lemie McGarity

    I am sorry for the troubles of so many people; Yet I keep thinking most, if not all, of their troubles come from lack of knowledge: Typhoid was, in this country, a dangerous and oft repeated epidemic, for much of our past history. And now; it is among those illnesses listed among the foot notes of history; as it has been gone from our country for more than my life time; and probably none of your readers have any memory of Typhoid fever plaguing anyone, in their life memories. WHY is Typhoid an ancient illness for us? Because the USA started following the recommendation of God! Not that the health departments started to read the Bible: But instead of the Bible’s wisdom and authority; they found the reason behind God’s command to bury feces. Bacteria, and viruses, live in our gut. And continue to live in our feces. Picked up by insects they are redistributed to our homes and foods; creating “epidemics”. By burying our feces, insects and other pests, can not pick up the illness causing bacteria and viruses. SO in the USA such epidemics have been stopped; by the use of septic tanks. But in India; They crap on the streets, and drink from the lake where their streets drain into. It is a perfect breeding ground for epidemics. The wonder is not that some are sick; the wonder is how anyone lives, in those conditions. The best “out reach” programs to the people in India, is to teach them the simple principles from the Bible: bury your feces, and drink only clean water! Only then can they enjoy lives free of the epidemics of typhoid, cholera, dysentery, and many other such diseases.

    Beyond that: your body can overcome many diseases, by the amazing immune system God built within us. But here again, the Bible is our guide. But often not our source of the answer of “why?”. The Bible tells us to wash our hands for the same reason your mother tells you to wash. The difference is that Mom listened to her teacher in health class, and knows the “why?” is because washing removes dangerous bacteria from our hands. The Bible does not tell that “why?” : But if we were to obey, even not knowing the “why?”, we would still be protected from those bacteria we washed off. And washing the body is very helpful toward healing of many maladies. But not with water from city supplies: City water is full of very harmful and dangerous poisons; and should not be used for washing in; and definitely not fit to drink! The Bible gives us water sources of well water, spring water, and living water. Living means active, like white water rivers and waterfalls. For our “why?” : this means oxygenated water. Water with oxygen in it has at least two advantages for us: The oxygen held in suspension does us some wonderful good [you may have read of the use of hydrogen peroxide internally – I don’t recommend this as it can be too harsh and actually cause some trouble. – But there are some anecdotal stories of great aid, and healing using hydrogen peroxide therapies. Hydrogen peroxide contains an extra oxygen atom more than water. And is able to release this extra oxygen to the surrounding liquids and tissues. ] 2. Oxygenated water also is free of anaerobic bacteria; as these can not live in an oxygenated environment. Anaerobic bacteria are the disease causing ones; and to be avoided. Drinking copious amounts of water washes your insides, and has great aid in healing.

    Some patients need to balance their electrolytes. You may remember the Bible telling that salt is to be among the offerings to the temple. Their salt is what modern folk would call “crude”. That is mostly because modern folk like bright white salt, to look at. But salt is not for looking at. And the salt you see in stores is processed to make it white. The “crude” salt has a better name: mineral salts – as they contain more than just sodium chloride. The electrolytes in your body contain more than just sodium chloride. So you need mineral salts that contain potassium, phosphorus, sodium, chloride, sulfur, and magnesium [In combinations that make up 12 mineral salts; the same as sea water] like the “crude” salt of the temple.

    Modern health research has done us some favors. Understanding that our immune system has a great need for vitamin D3 = sunshine vitamin. Which is lacking in our air conditioned offices and “keep the doors and windows shut” homes. The reason cold and flu season is in the winter is much related to the lack of vitamin D3 IN our bodies during the winter months; caused by the lack of sunshine ON our bodies. Supplementation is very helpful.
    There is a wonderful article on the benefits of vitamin C = resources/omns/v09n16.shtml Please read it: It tells that many bacterial, and viral diseases can be stopped cold, by massive intake of vitamin C.
    I could write you a book; but the books are out there; the problem is that we don’t read them any better than we read our Bibles.

  20. Chad Pennington – Janie Brown shared a request for this Scott County TN resident who was working on restoring post-hurricane services on the island nation of Puerto Rico when he fell sick and was suffering from an extremely high temperature. There is a problem with his insurance and being treated in Puerto Rico so he needs to be transported back to the US. Janie reported this morning that there was a post on Face Book stating that he is being transported to Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville.

    Let’s pray that Chad can pull through and not have permanent damage from the sickness.

  21. Harold Eaton [Mc Minn County TN] – his wife, Wendy reports that the heart characterization revealed a 95% blockage in the “widow-maker”. They were able to restore blood flow and placed a stent. So it looks like he is going to be OK.

    Let’s pray for no more blockages and that Harold will recover completely and quickly.

  22. Below is a link to a Knoxville TN area TV News program about the man who was in serving in hurricane restoration work in Puerto Rico and became sick. This is the man I sent out a request for under the name Chad Pennington. CORRECTION – his last name is King (Pennington is his mom’s last name). So please keep praying for Chad King.

    He is at Vanderbilt Hospital now. If he survives he faces a very difficult and long-term recovery. They discuss his medical situation that includes, ongoing strokes, brain lesions, and paralysis from the waits down on his right side.

  23. The following prayer request is from Pam Barnes, a Deaconess in the Auburndale, FL, CGI Congregation.

    Just received a call from Mom asking a prayer request be sent out. My nephew Jay just called her from the hospital, HE IS FINE. But 6 of his friends were involved in a car accident today. They are all at the hospital and one has flatlined twice. Jay was not with them so all we know is they were all ejected from the vehicle.

    Most of these teens were also friends with another senior from Tenoroc that died in a car accident Thursday night in the same area. Her funeral is tomorrow. All of these kids and families need our prayers. I will update when I know more.

  24. Barbara Ames (COGWA: St. Petersburg, FL) who fell a couple of weeks ago and fractured her pelvic is feeling somewhat better. She and her husband, Gene, have been receiving some nursing assistance at home, but their son, Eugene, and his wife, Linda, have been their mainstay. This morning Eugene simply stood up heard his knee pop followed by pain. His doctor has instructed him to see an orthopedic surgeon. Your prayers for Eugene as he decides on a course of action would be most appreciated.

  25. The following is an update from Pam Barnes, CGI, Auburndale, FL Congregation.

    There are three people still in very critical condition from this accident (2 boys and one girl). Everyone else has been released. The 2 month old baby and mother, are fine but the father of the baby is still in grave condition. We were told last night that he has lost his eyesight due to the accident. Jay (my nephew) has been going to the hospital every night to be at the little vigil they have going there.

  26. Your prayers are requested for Richard Seiver (COGWA Elder: Houston North) who has been diagnosed with a left neglect stroke. (See The Transitional Learning Center’s Blog at The stroke has affected vision in his left eye which will require some therapy and he will remain in Houston Methodist St. John Hospital for that and to also get some rest and regain strength. From the hospital, he will be transferred to a rehabilitation center. The family understands your concerns and requests there be no phone calls or visitors at this time.

  27. It is with deep sadness that I inform you my long time friend Ed Faulk died last night around 10 PM.
    Please keep Mrs. Thelma Faulk in your prayers.

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