Our Morning Sacrifice

Please consider calling in to join your scattered brethren in a morning time of scripture-reading and prayer.

This opportunity is available from Sunday to Friday at 6:00 a.m. (CST)Call 1-712-770-4700 and enter the code 112165#.

Your phone will be muted by the host, but you will simply have to press *6 to turn off the mute if you choose to do more than listen, and participate. We do ask that you press *6 after you are done commenting to place your phone on mute again.

Our prayers are for all God’s children and the families that are involved in the work of the living God. May His face shine upon you as you receive His daily bread with peace!

Following each scriptural reading (5 minutes or less) all the participants are invited and encouraged to offer up prayers of thanks and praise to our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ and to bring specific needs to the attention of those present inviting all to united prayer for God’s comfort and deliverance.

The list of needs on the Prayer page of http://www.haggai114.net is a good source of current requests for intercession from the body of Christ.