Haggai Fellowship

Join us each Tuesday evening @ 6:30 pm as we discuss in an interactive session what it means to Build the Spiritual House of the Lord as found in Haggai 1:14.

Haggai Fellowship is a weekly reminder that we all need to be directing our energies to restoring our Father’s house of prayer for all the nations. 

The message given to the prophet Haggai instructs us to leave the building of our separate houses–symbolic of the many competing churches, ministries, and groups of commandment keepers–and assemble together for the thrilling journey to the mountains for the “cedar wood” to glorify God with a spiritual temple. 

Only when we fearlessly follow the true shepherds of God, who wholeheartedly support a “ministry of reconciliation,” can we expect to reap the blessings of our Father in heaven!

Telephone Ministry: Call 1-712-770-4700; Enter Code 112165 #
Note: All callers are muted and must press *6 to comment and *6 to resume mute.

These phone connect Fellowships and discussions are interactive and encourage participation from all.