Ingathering Season Fellowship (Sept. 30-Oct. 21) 2019

Ingathering Season Fellowship is an interactive study of God’s Word around the “Fall Feast Season” starting at the Feast of Trumpets and commencing after the 8th Day of the Feast. It provides a much-needed interaction for holy men and women who are being  powerfully led by the Spirit–in fulfillment of the Word of God–to continually provoke one another to greater “love and good works.” The elders will connect with all during these fellowships during this fall season.

Please check the schedule on this site and join us each evening at 6:30 pm or on the Holy Days and Sabbaths at 4:00 pm as we discuss in an interactive session how we can all become more unified during this Feast season.

Telephone Ministry: Call 1-712-770-4700; Enter Code 112165 #
Note: All callers are muted and must press *6 to comment and *6 to resume mute.

These phone connect Fellowships and discussions are interactive and encourage participation from all.