Ingathering Season Fellowship (Audio Recordings) 2019

(These Fellowship Recordings start on September 30 and end on October 22, 2019)

Call 1-712-770-4709, (Note: This number ends in a “9”) When prompted, then enter Access Code 112165# Then enter the Reference Code below as follows. These messages remain available for approximately a month after delivery.

576# 10.01.19 Stephen Glover “The Wife Has Made Herself Ready or The Bride Being Prepared”
578# 10.02.10 Stephen Glover “The Covenant that Unites”
580# 10.03.19 Stephen Glover “The Covenant is for the Marriage”
583# 10.05.19 Stephen Glover “Don’t Turn Back to the Weak and Beggarly Things of the World”
585# 10.07.19 Scott Hoefker “Let’s Examine ‘Rejoice’ in the Fear of the Lord”
589# 10.09.19 Stephen Glover “Coming Before the Throne”
591# 10.10.19 Stephen Glover “Miqra, a Holy Convocation”
595# 10.12.19 Stephen Glover “The Challenges in God’s Kingdom”