Africa Discipleship (Audio Recordings)

These are audio recordings (via telephone) of our Instruction and Discussion with our Brethren and Leaders in East Africa

Call 1-712-770-4709, (Note: This number ends in a “9”) When prompted, then enter Access Code 112165# Then enter the Reference Code below as follows. These messages remain available for approximately a month after delivery.

693# 12.02.19 Stephen Glover “The Way of the Law and the Prophets”
696# 12.04.19 Marcus Brown “The Promises of God”
702# 12.07.19 Dennis Thomas “The Spirit of the Lord”
708# 12.09.19 Stephen Glover “Believing What You Say You Believe”
712# 12.11.19 Marcus Brown “Living Faith”
718# 12.14.19 Dennis Thomas “Serving God No Matter the Cost”
723# 12.16.19 Stephen Glover “No ‘Divided’ Hearts!”
728# 12.18.19 Marcus Brown “Living Faith – The Currency of God’s Kingdom”
738# 12.23.19 Stephen Glover “The Life of God’s Spirit in His People”
741# 12.25.19 Marcus Brown “Living Our Faith by Keeping Our Eyes on Jesus Christ, the Word of God”
747# 12.28.19 Dennis Thomas “What is God Showing You and How Do You Respond?”
752# 12.29.19 Stephen Glover “Satan Lies, but God’s Word is True”
757# 01.01.20 Marcus Brown “Obstacles to Living Faith”
763# 01.04.20 Dennis Thomas “Family Advice from God”
768# 01.06.20 Stephen Glover “Blessings to those Who Hear ‘Moses and the Prophets'”
772# 01.08.20 Marcus Brown “Faith in Action”
776# 01.11.20 Dennis Thomas “Living Bread”
781# 01.13.20 Stephen Glover “People of Faith and their Exodus”
783# 01.15.20 Marcus Brown “The Performance of Faith”
788# 01.18.20 Dennis Thomas “Praise God for His Wonderful Works!”
791# 01.20.20 Stephen Glover “The Lord is Preparing to Send out His Disciples”
793# 01.22.20 Marcus Brown “Persevere in Studying to Develop Living Faith”