Africa Discipleship (Audio Recordings)

These are audio recordings (via telephone) of our Instruction and Discussion with our Brethren and Leaders in East Africa

Call 1-712-770-4709, (Note: This number ends in a “9”) When prompted, then enter Access Code 112165# Then enter the Reference Code below as follows. These messages remain available for approximately a month after delivery.

598# 10.14.19 Stephen Glover “God’s Spiritual Covenant People”
601# 10.15.19 Stephen Glover “Paul Being Led By the Spirit”
603# 10.16.19 Stephen Glover “Knowing the Unknown God”
605# 10.17.19 Stephen Glover “Danger of Loving Worldly Things”
608# 10.19.19 Stephen Glover “Take Heed to Not Be Deceived”
611# 10.20.19 Stephen Glover “Be Diligent to Increase Our Gifts”
613# 10.21.19 Stephen Glover “The Spiritual Realm of God”
617# 10.23.19 Stephen Glover “God’s Holy Way Profaned”
622# 10.26.19 Dennis Thomas “Standing Firm in the Foundation, Jesus Christ”
626# 10.28.19 Stephen Glover “No Title Yet”
629# 10.31.19 Marcus Brown “Grace and Peace Multiplied”
633# 11.02.19 Dennis Thomas “Not Becoming Discouraged”
639# 11.04.19 Stephen Glover “According to the Will of God”
643# 11.06.19 Marcus Brown “Stewardship Through Budgeting”
650# 11.09.19 Dennis Thomas “Abide in Him”
655# 11.11.19 Stephen Glover “Make His Paths Straight”
658# 11.13.19 Marcus Brown “God’s Appointed Times”
664# 11.16.19 Dennis Thomas “The Invitation God Has Given Us”
677# 11.23.19 Dennis Thomas “The Qualities of Godly Leaders”
682# 11.25.19 Stephen Glover “God’s Commandments – A Lamp for Our Feet”
685# 11.27.19 Marcus Brown “A Godly Economy”
689# 11.30.19 Dennis Thomas “We Can Have Knowledge of His Kingdom”
693# 12.02.19 Stephen Glover “The Way of the Law and the Prophets”
696# 12.04.19 Marcus Brown “The Promises of God”
702# 12.07.19 Dennis Thomas “The Spirit of the Lord”