Lydian’s Fellowship (Audio Recordings)

These are audio recordings available (via phone) of our ladies discussing their roles as Christian Women as part of the Body of Christ.

Call 1-712-770-4709, (Note: This number ends in a “9”) When prompted, then enter Access Code 112165# Then enter the Reference Code below as follows. These messages remain available for approximately a month after delivery.

373# 06.12.19 Gayle Hoefker & Friends “Huldah the Prophetess”
393# 06.26.19 Esther Glover & Friends “Encouraging One Another”
420# 07.10.19 Gayle Hoefker & Friends “Joanna, A Supporter of Jesus”
449# 07.24.19 Esther Glover & Friends “The God of All Comfort”
484# 08.14.19 Laura Moorer & Friends “Do We Take the Bible Literally?”
513# 08.28.19 Esther Glover & Friends “How God Views Women”
541# 09.11.19 Gayle Hoefker & Friends “Gomer:The Wife of Hosea”
565# 09.25.19 Laura Moorer & Friends “His Divine Power Granted to Us”
618# 10.23.19 Gayle Hoefker & Friends “The Shulamite Woman from the Song of Songs”
659# 11.13.19 Gayle Hoefker & Friends “Deborah—Judge, Prophet and Mother of Israel”