Haggai 1:14 Fellowship (Audio Recordings)

Call 1-712-770-4709, (Note: This number ends in a “9”) When prompted, then enter Access Code 112165# Then enter the Reference Code below as follows. These messages remain available for approximately a month after delivery.

695# 12.03.19 Stephen Glover “Judaism and Foolish Galatians”
711# 12.10.19 Stephen Glover “Miracles Full of the Power of God”
726# 12.17.19 Stephen Glover “Becoming Witnesses of His Resurrection”
740# 12.24.19 Stephen Glover “God’s Unique Work in Each Life Directed by the Holy Spirit”
755# 12.31.19 Stephen Glover “God’s Spiritual Gifts for His ‘House’ Builders”
770# 01.07.20 Stephen Glover “Jesus is our Prince of Peace”
792# 01.21.20 Stephen Glover “Purifying God’s House to Welcome All Nations”

(Temporary code & Call in # for the Recording Below)
1-888-500-9380, Code 954203#
#2 01.14.20 Stephen Glover “The ‘Lord of Hosts’ is Leading His Armies”