History & Background of the Gospels (Audio Recordings)

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These are audio recordings (via telephone) of our mostly classroom type lecture reviewing what Christ taught with His Disciples and others while on the earth as God in the flesh. There is a few minutes of discussion at the end of each session.
(This Phone Conference Fellowship/Class commenced on February 17, 2019 and ended on January 19, 2020)).

360# 06.02.19 Scott Hoefker “Sermon on the Mount – Matthew 5:1-6”
380# 06.16.19 Scott Hoefker “Matthew 5:7-13”
388# 06.23.19 Scott Hoefker “Being More Righteous than a Pharisee?”
412# 07.07.19 Scott Hoefker “Sermon on the Mount, continued, “True Intent of and Eye for an Eye”
429# 07.14.19 Whit Moorer & Friends “Why Four Gospels?”
442# 07.21.19 Scott Hoefker “Sermon on the Mount, continued, Giving and Prayer” 456# 07.28.19 Scott Hoefker “Sermon on the Mount, continued, Fasting”
465# 08.04.19 Scott Hoefker “Exercising Righteous Judgment”
479# 08.11.19 Scott Hoefker “Matthew 8, Christ’s Compassion and Divine Love in Action”
490# 08.18.19 Scott Hoefker “Matthew 10, Instructions to His Apostles”
521# 09.01.19 Scott Hoefker “Matthew 13, Christ Discusses Parables”
536# 09.08.19 Scott Hoefker “Matt. 13, The Parable of the Wheat & Tares and Mustard Seed”
547# 09.15.19 Scott Hoefker “Matt 13, The Parables of Christ Continued”
560# 09.22.19 Stephen Glover “Who is our Family?”
625# 10.27.19 Scott Hoefker “Matt.14, Jesus’ Family, John the Baptist and Herod Antipas”
637# 11.03.19 Scott Hoefker “Matt 14, Peter Walking on Water and Counting the Cost”
653# 11.10.19 Scott Hoefker “Matt 15, The Syro-Phoenician Woman’s Request”
668# 11.17.19 Scott Hoefker “John 8, The Adulterous Woman Brought Before Christ”
681# 11.24.19 Scott Hoefker “Matt 16, Two Jewish Factions try to Trip Up Jesus”
692# 11.30.19 Scott Hoefker “Matt 18-19, Going to Your Brother, What the Scripture Reveals”
706# 12.08.19 Scott Hoefker “Matt 19:3, Jesus Clarifies the Intent of Divorce/Blessing of Little Children Ceremony”
736# 12.22.19 Scott Hoefker “Parables and Teachings found in Luke 10-19”
751# 12.29.19 Scott Hoefker “Luke 17-19, More of Christ’s Instruction found in Luke”
767# 01.05.20 Scott Hoefker “Luke 16:1-17, The Parable of the Unjust Steward”
780# 01.12.20 Scott Hoefker “Luke 16:19-31, Lazarus and the Rich Man, Lessons for us & John 9:1-16 The Blind Man’s Healing, True Compassion”
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#6 01.19.20 Scott Hoefker “John 10:1-19, Our True Shepherd is Jesus Christ” THIS IS THE FINAL SESSION OF THIS SERIES.